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5 best PHP Automation libraries in 2022

by naveen.kumar@openweaver.com

When it comes to web development, we can’t deny the importance of PHP. While HTML and CSS are used for creating the structure and style of a website, PHP is used for building the backend of a website or web app. There are various reasons why it is still one of the most preferred languages for web development. It has an easy learning curve, which makes it ideal for beginners who want to learn to code. It also offers many frameworks that can be used for building websites or web apps from scratch. PHP is among the best automation libraries for web developers. It has a vast array of automation tools and frameworks that help developers develop websites that are fast, secure, and easy to maintain. Some of the most widely used open source libraries among developers include: PHP_CodeSniffer - tokenizes PHP files and detects violations, WordOps - Install and manage a high-performance WordPress stack with a few keystrokes, Grawler - tool written in PHP which comes with a web interface. The entire list of open source libraries are provided below.
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