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15 best PHP Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

The first thing to understand is that using a PHP database library like hasbids, monolog or medoo is not only an opportunity to cut development time. It also allows you to do things like load data from different sources, use caching and more. These libraries are mature and well-tested. They have been used by thousands of applications already, so there have been hundreds of millions of lines of code written for them. You can feel safe in your decisions about which library to use. Monolog is a simple logging library for PHP. It's intended to be used by developers who want to log HTTP requests, responses and exceptions that happen on their application. Monolog can be easily integrated into any project, allowing you to easily log your user's activity. Hasbids PHP database libraries are used for interacting with the eBay API to create/update auctions. Medoo PHP database libraries are used for interacting with the Amazon API to create/update products. Popular open source PHP database libraries for developers include