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Virtual 8 Ball Libraries

by abala

Are you struggling to make impossible decisions? You might have some help. My eight-year-old daughter was playing with the Magic 8-Ball and told me she makes her important decisions based on it! I tried it, and it was pretty amusing and even sometimes helpful. Reminded me of the Staples Easy Button. The Magic 8-Ball was invented in 1946 by Albert C. Carter and Abe Bookman and is currently manufactured by Mattel. Carter was inspired by a spirit writing device used by his mother, a clairvoyant. Interestingly over the 76 years, the Magic 8-Ball has undergone very minimal changes. If you can't get your hand on one, there are many virtual ones that use a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) on the same 20 possible answers. If you are looking for critical decisions, then in the Magic 8-Ball style - "Don't count on it." The kandi kit shares public libraries that simulate the Magic 8-Ball, PRNG, interesting Magic 8-Ball scripts for developer responses, and a DIY electronic device.