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10 best JavaScript Graph Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

JavaScript Graph Database libraries are a new platform for building real-time data applications. The most common use case is to build an application that displays social graphs, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A JavaScript graph database library is a library that allows you to store and query a graph structure. These are useful for many applications, including social network sites and games. FortuneJS is a simple, lightweight GraphQL server with built-in clustering capabilities. FortuneJS uses MongoDB as its storage layer. LevelGraph is a JavaScript library for querying graph databases using SPARQL and JSON-LD. LevelGraph has a number of different backends including Neo4j, OrientDB, RethinkDB and MongoDB. Graphexp is an open-source JavaScript library for creating and querying graphs using Gremlin-style traversal expressions. Graphexp supports Neo4j and OrientDB as backend databases. A few of the most popular open source JavaScript Graph Database libraries for developers are:
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