Searching GitHub Repo Queries in React

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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To make a search bar that shows the GitHub Repositories in React, we have to use the Input tag, which creates search bars and includes several attributes like placeholder, type, and name.

Getting data or information from the API is also called Fetch API. It provides a JavaScript interface for accessing and manipulating protocol parts, such as requests and responses. It also offers a global fetch() method that can easily and logically fetch resources asynchronously across the network. Using API's call, we can create a dynamic search bar. A dynamic search box is a search bar with a text field for taking the user's input and then performing some operation based on the user's input to show him the dynamic results based on the user input. The API calls are triggered whenever a user starts typing to show him the dynamic options. We can also create a dropdown in a search box by using any element to open the dropdown menu. For example, a <button>, <a>, or <p> element. Then make use of a container element like <div> to create the dropdown menu and add the links.

Three most vital methods available in the React component API,

  • setState()
  • forceUpdate()
  • findDOMNode()

Here is an example of how you can create a search box using React: