How to make a Word game with buttons using functional React

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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To make a word game with buttons using functional React, we need a loop that updates the game while we play. This loop is optimized to run the game smoothly, without any lags, and for this purpose, we will use React Native Game Engine to implement this game.

React Native is great for making any game, depending on our choice of games and expertise with the libraries. The feature of high suiting, a reference to the sleeve buttons on a suit that is functional, is known as a Functional Button, mainly used for making games that are run-on buttons. Let's see how the game runs. First, the player has six moves. If the player clicks the buttons, his choices appear on the screen. Then there is only one right combination, which is six buttons(True), and the two wrong ones(False) after the player chooses his six buttons and must click on the button(check) to check if the game is right. If we are right, a text field will appear, saying we got it right or one saying we got it wrong to try again for another turn to win the game.

Also, we have used some important functions in this kit. 'onClick event' executes a certain functionality when the user clicks a button, and this could be when a user submits a form when we change certain content on the web page and other things like that. 'useState' will allow us to track state in a functional component. It generally refers to data or properties that need to be tracked in an application.

Here is an example of how you can make a word game with buttons using Functional React: