Zoom without resizing a background-image in reactjs

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by vsasikalabe dot icon Updated: Feb 16, 2023

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A React component for zooming an image within its original size. Zoom behavior can be achieved by clicking or hovering, and the magnified image can be moved by dragging on touch devices. The zoom behavior is activated on click, and the image can be progressed by dragging on touch devices and by either dragging or hover panning on non-touch devices. The element supports responsive images and optional full-screen zoom on mobile. 

Zooming is achieved by magnifying an image so that the picture's details become more visible and clear. Zooming a picture has many wide applications, from a camera lens to zoom an image on the internet. 

You can zoom something in on two different steps. 

  • The first step is zooming before taking a particular picture. This is known as pre-processing zoom.  
  • The second step includes zooming once an image has been captured.  

Types of zooms 

  • Optical Zoom 
  • Digital Zoom 

Optical Zoom: 

Optical zoom is better than that digital zoom. The lens is physically extended in optical zoom to magnify an object. The optical zoom is trigged using the movement of your camera's lens. 

Digital Zoom: 

Digital zoom is achieved through image processing within a camera. During a digital zoom, the middle of the picture is zoomed, and the corner of the picture got cropped out. One of the advantages of this zooming technique is that it does not create a blurry picture compared to the nearest neighbor interpolation method. But it also has a disadvantage in that it can only run on the power of 2. 

Zooming methods: 

  • Pixel replication or (Nearest neighbor interpolation) 
  • Zero-order hold method 
  • Zooming K times 

Here is an example of how to zoom an image without resizing a background in Reactjs: 

Preview of the output that you will get on running this code from your IDE


In this solution we use the React library.


Follow the steps carefully to get the output easily.

  1. Install the Node.js and React on your IDE(preferable Visual Studio Code).
  2. Create React Application using npx create-react-app foldername.
  3. cd foldername.
  4. Open the folder in IDE.
  5. Copy the code using "copy" button above and paste it in App.js,Style code in App.css and html code in index.html file within the body tag (remove the earlier code from App.js and App.css).
  6. Import the React and React DOM.Next add the export default App to the last line of the code.
  7. Open the terminal from IDE.
  8. npm start to run the file.

I hope you found this useful. I have added the link to dependent libraries, version information in the following sections.

I found this code snippet by searching for ' Zoom without resize a background-image in reactjs ' in kandi. You can try any such use case!

Environment Tested

I tested this solution in the following versions. Be mindful of changes when working with other versions.

  1. The solution is created in VS Code 1.73.1 version.
  2. The solution is tested on Nodejs 16.14.2 version.
  3. react 18.2.0 version

Using this solution, we are able to zoom without resizing a background-image in reactjs with simple steps. This process also facilities an easy way to use, hassle-free method to create a hands-on working version of code which would help us to zoom without resizing a background-image in reactjs.

Dependent Libraries

create-react-appby facebook

JavaScript doticonstar image 100082 doticonVersion:v5.0.1doticon
License: Permissive (MIT)

Set up a modern web app by running one command.


            create-react-appby facebook

            JavaScript doticon star image 100082 doticonVersion:v5.0.1doticon License: Permissive (MIT)

            Set up a modern web app by running one command.

                      You can search for any dependent library on kandi like 'react'.


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