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9 best JavaScript Compression libraries in 2022

by naveen.kumar@openweaver.com

JavaScript is the most widely used scripting language on Earth. And even though it has so many advanced features and methods, the language itself is quite big, therefore it slows down your website. By compressing JavaScript files you can reduce the loading time of your webpage by up to 70%. Minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality. These unnecessary characters usually include white space characters, new line characters, comments, and sometimes block delimiters, which are used to add readability to the code but are not required for it to execute. Some of the popular JavaScript compression libraries are: Compressors - Image Compressor, Decompress - Extracting archives made easy, Fastify-compress - Adds compression utils to the Fastify reply object and a hook to decompress requests payloads. The following is a list of the most popular libraries.