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8 best Python Microservice libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Python Microservice libraries like falcon, nameko, emissary, etc are becoming popular. These libraries provide you with a lot of benefits like high-performance asynchronous processing, easy integration with NoSQL databases, and REST APIs. These tools help us move away from monolithic systems and towards more scalable ones. They also help us move towards highly available systems that don’t require all of our time spent on infrastructure maintenance and administration. Falcon is an open source Python framework for building scalable web applications. It is backed by Google and supports many different web frameworks such as Flask, Pyramid and Django. Falcon's main purpose is to provide a high-performance asynchronous processing framework for Python web applications. It uses coroutines to provide an event-driven programming model that makes it easy to define complex asynchronous logic and handle multiple concurrent operations within an application. Nameko is a hosted service that lets you create and manage your own DNS records using standard tools. This makes it easy to manage your own DNS records without having to set up servers or worry about security issues. Nameko provides simple collaboration tools so that people can easily create accounts and store data in the cloud without having to worry about securing sensitive information on their own servers. A few of the most popular open source Python Microservice libraries for developers are:
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