A Frame animation

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by vsasikalabe dot icon Updated: Mar 2, 2023

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To divide your browser window into multiple sections, HTML frames are used. A separate HTML document is loaded in each section. The frameset is defined as a collection of frames in the browser window. Word processing and graphic arts use frames to get a viewer's attention. The frame is a web framework its builds virtual reality (VR). It is based on HTML and is simple to get started. 

Using A-Frame, we can very easily create animations. To animate the object, place the element inside the object/entity.  

  • dur (duration in milliseconds of the animation), in this case, 500 — the higher the value, the slower it will move. 
  • from - where the animation starts. 
  • to - where the animation ends. 
  • repeat - It describes the number of repeating processes. 

The dur is 500 (so it will move faster than before). We will start from 1 in the x,y, and z-axis and go to a value of -3. The property position is set to be rotation. Then, the easing parameter is linear. 


  • VR Made Simple 
  • Declarative HTML 
  • Entity-Component Architecture 
  • Cross-Platform VR 
  • Visual Inspector 
  • Proven and Scalable 

Here is an example of how to perform A Frame animation: