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Guiding Application for Visually Impaired using reusable libraries

by Nathina

Globally, there are 2.2 billion people with vision impairment. They are facing constant challenges like navigating from one place to another on their own. They are dependent on another individual for accessing their basic day-to-day needs. So, it's a pretty challenging task. You can customize and use the following libraries to develop applications for guiding visually impaired people to move places. The application will show the visually impaired user the object's name, direction, and distance around them and help them navigate. Following are the steps to be followed for building the solution, 1. Object Detection 2. Accessing Cameras 3. Image Processing 4. Measuring the Distance

Accessing the Cameras

These libraries are used to access the camera for taking images for object detection.

Measuring the Distance

These libraries are used to measure the distance between camera and object.

Object Detection

These libraries are used to detect the objects in the image.

Image Processing

These libraries are used to process the captured image.
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