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Experiment with NFT

by abala

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is a digital asset and what makes it unique from stock photos is the token associated with the asset. This combination of asset and token makes it non-fungible and guaranteed by blockchain technology. You may compare it to original artwork or maybe an autographed print copy or digital trading cards. An easy start into NFT is a self service marketplace like OpenSea or Mintable. But if you are more of a developer than an artist, here are trending libraries that help you publish your own NFTs.

Listing NFTs in your Website

The libraries embeddable, nfte and nftgecko help in listing the NFTs in your website.

Creating DApp

Scaffold-eth, etherplate and kitty-items are frameworks for creating DApp (Decentralized Applications) & Marketplace on Ethereum blockchain.

Deploying and Minting NFTs

EthArt, contractor and open-proofs are used for deploying and minting the NFTs.
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