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Sentiment Analysis for Comments using reusable libraries

by Nathina

A sentiment analysis system examines comments and gives ratings based on their sentiments. The main objective of this system is to understand customer comments and uncover the hidden sentiment of customer feedback. Based on the sentiment analysis system, the product comments will be ranked according to the comments of various users. The system analyzes the comment and then finds the keywords to match with the keywords stored in the database. It can be set up in the following libraries. By analyzing a keyword, a product is rated as either good, bad, or very bad. Following are the steps to be followed for building sentiment analysis, 1. Analyzing the Comments 2. Classify the Words 3. Rating the Comments 4. Language Classification Database

Classify the Words

These libraries are used to classify the words in the comments.

Rating the Comments

These libraries are used to rating the comments.

Analysing The Comments

These libraries are used to Analyses the customer comments.