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Smart Door Alarm Using Reusable Libraries

by Supraja

Doorbells are the signaling device that helps alert the person outside the home and get permission to come inside. Traditionally, the doorbells were simple buttons, and when pressed, the bell rings. Let’s think of making it automatic detection and alarm with pictures or videos. Here are best libraries that will help you make the alarms or doorbell automatic, which will detect someone in front of the door and automatically ring. It is beneficial because it’s not always the case that a person can reach the doorbell, and it also comes with the additional feature of a picture or video to see and confirm to avoid intruders. This kit helps in the rapid development of automatic door alarms by the following steps: 1. Development Environment 2. Data Analysis

Development Environment

Arduino is used for writing and uploading the program and storing the data in the cloud.

Data Analysis

Following are the libraries which help in data analysis. These libraries use Ultrasonic sensors and IoT technology.