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User Time zone and Country using JavaScript reusable libraries

by sarvan

According to ISO data, 249 countries are operating at different time zones in the world today. Each country has its people, culture, heritage, language, etc. The digital world distinguishes people based on their country of origin for distinct reasons. A time zone is a region with a standard time. There are over 24 different Time zones for the world. Working with the Time zone and country is highly critical in this digital era.

Getting User Time zone using JavaScript

Time zone data is essential in sending, storing, receiving, and displaying them to the users. If your application needs to show time zone-specific events or data to a user, you will need to retrieve the Time zone from where the application has been used or browsed. Some of the libraries that help you detect time zones are below.

Getting User Country using JavaScript

When a country's specific information is needed for users, you must detect the application's country. To achieve this, you need to catch each request's country of origin and show data or recommendations based on that. Some of the libraries used to detect user country are below.
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