How to Change Font Color based on Background Color using ReactJS

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Feb 1, 2023

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We can change the font color based on the background color in react by few different ways: 

  • We can use a library that offers practical functions, including color contrast and brightness, to choose the best font color based on the background color. 
  • We may manually determine the contrast ratio between the background color and the text’s color. If the contrast ratio is below a certain threshold, you can choose a different font color to improve the contrast and readability of the text. This can be done by using a library ‘contrast.js.’ 
  • contrast.js: This is a library that helps in measuring the contrast between two colors. The contrast ratio gauges how simple it is to see text against a specific background color. 
  • We can use CSS ‘color’ function. 
  • color: This function allows you to use operations like lightening, darkening, and mixing to provide a color value that is generated from one or more other colors. 

For more information about changing font color based on the background color in React, refer to the code given below