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10 best C++ Computer Vision libraries in 2022

by naveen.kumar@openweaver.com

C++ is the main programming language used in embedded devices, and if you use embedded operating systems such as Linux and Android, C++ will be one of the most common languages used to program these devices. Due to this, C++ is ideal for a wide variety of applications, from web servers and mobile apps to machine learning, image processing and computer vision. There are several popular open source C++ Computer Vision libraries available for developers: Cvui - A simple UI lib built on top of OpenCV drawing primitives; Superviseddescent - generic algorithm to perform optimisation of arbitrary functions. The library contains an implementation of the Robust Cascaded Regression facial landmark detection and features a pre-trained detection model; AutoAnnotationTool - label tool aim to reduce semantic segmentation label time. The following is a list of the most popular libraries.
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