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kandi X-RAY | rss-reader Summary

kandi X-RAY | rss-reader Summary

rss-reader is a Java library typically used in Utilities applications. rss-reader has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities and it has low support. However rss-reader build file is not available. You can download it from GitHub.

Follow instructions from to build project. Use java >= 6. Download from Google Play

            kandi-support Support

              rss-reader has a low active ecosystem.
              It has 4 star(s) with 1 fork(s). There are 3 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 6 months.
              rss-reader has no issues reported. There are no pull requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of rss-reader is current.

            kandi-Quality Quality

              rss-reader has no bugs reported.

            kandi-Security Security

              rss-reader has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.

            kandi-License License

              rss-reader does not have a standard license declared.
              Check the repository for any license declaration and review the terms closely.
              Without a license, all rights are reserved, and you cannot use the library in your applications.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              rss-reader releases are not available. You will need to build from source code and install.
              rss-reader has no build file. You will be need to create the build yourself to build the component from source.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi has reviewed rss-reader and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into rss-reader implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
            • Poll for items from the preferences
            • Checks if this FeedItem matches
            • Notification about new items available
            • Check if new items are available
            • Parses the content of an input stream
            • Populate the feed item with the given value
            • Creates a new XmlPullParser from an input stream
            • Creates the RSS feed
            • Gets the confirmation text
            • Called when a list item is clicked
            • This method is called when the menu item is selected
            • Start polling
            • Loads all feed items
            • Update a feed item
            • Gets the refresh dialog
            • Schedules the reader service
            • Returns the latest feed
            • On create
            • Insert values into table
            • Creates a hash code for this document
            • Initializes the RSS feed
            • Registers the RSS reader
            • Prompt the user to confirm
            • Delete a feed item
            • Creates the RSS url preference
            • Query Feed items
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            rss-reader Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for rss-reader.

            rss-reader Examples and Code Snippets

            No Code Snippets are available at this moment for rss-reader.

            Community Discussions


            How to get only Items that are within specific Category from RSS Feed
            Asked 2021-Apr-29 at 13:16

            Im writing an RSS-Reader (sort of) that should only output Items that are within of a Category named "FF - Titel-Themen" (Link to the RSS Feed is here). I have search now for quite a time and couldn't find anything and because i´m new to this whole RSS with C# thing its not making anything easier. I hope my question make sense...



            Answered 2021-Apr-29 at 13:16
            XmlReader xmlReader = XmlReader.Create("feed url / xml file");
            SyndicationFeed RSSFeed = SyndicationFeed.Load(xmlReader);
            List AllCategories = new List();
            foreach (SyndicationItem SyndicationItem in RSSFeed.Items)
                        foreach (SyndicationCategory category1 in SyndicationItem.Categories)
                            if (!Categories_All.Contains(category1.Name))
            SyndicationCategory SelectedCategory = new SyndicationCategory("Your specific Category");
                    foreach (SyndicationItem SyndicationItem in RSSFeed.Items)
                        foreach (SyndicationCategory syndicationCategory in SyndicationItem.Categories)
                            if (syndicationCategory.Name == SelectedCategory.Name)
                                // DO STUFF WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH THE ITEMS



            How can I automate the removal of kubernetes secrets from a yaml file?
            Asked 2020-Jun-25 at 06:44

            I have a file containing many Kubernetes YAML objects. I am seeking a way of removing all K8s Secret YAML objects from the text file, identified by the "kind: Secret" string contained within the YAML block. This should remove everything from the "apiVersion" through to just before the "---" signifying the start of the next object.

            I've looked into Sed, Python and yq tools with no luck. The YAML may contain any number of secrets in any order.

            How can I automate stripping out of these "Secret" blocks?



            Answered 2020-Jun-25 at 06:32

            yq can do this (and jq underneath)



            Reading web content (may be RSS)
            Asked 2019-Jun-03 at 13:26

            I was able to read dynamic information from a website through the second link (commented out in the code below). If I uncomment the second line it works fine, and I get the information I want. If I use the first link it doesn't work; the file that gets generated is 0 bytes.

            The first time you might have to press some button and run the script again (depends on browser). So how to get the desired result? I need the ETA, the one at the top: Arrival">ETA : March 23, 2019 .

            _RSSGetInfo() didn't work either (the shipper indicates it is an XML RSS feed, but I don't know whether this is the right thing to use; it gave me a blank).



            Answered 2019-Jun-03 at 13:26

            Source data uses escape sequences instead of CDATA encapsulation. A regular expression is format specific; following processes either format:

            Example listing -tags (using XML.au3), extracting from contained HTML (using IE.au3) :



            How Kubernetes knows resource requests and limits?
            Asked 2019-May-07 at 17:31

            Here is a yaml file that has been created to be deployed in kubernetes. I would like to know since there is no resource request and limits in the file, how kubernetes knows the resource requests and limits to run it? How can I fetch that information?



            Answered 2019-May-07 at 15:22

            You can "kubectl describe" your pod and see what actual resources got assigned. With LimitRange Kubernetes can assign default requests and limits to pod if not part of its spec.

            If there are no requests/limits assigned - your pod will become of Best Effort quality of service and can be Evicted in case of resource pressure on node.



            Why calling XMLParser(contentsOfURL: rssURL) is giving error: 'Argument passed to call that takes no arguments'?
            Asked 2019-May-07 at 02:33

            I've been working through this tutorial part way through it talks about using NSXMLParser to parse an RSS feed:

            Here is the original snippet method:



            Answered 2019-May-07 at 02:33

            You should better find a modern article than watching some archeological remains of an ancient Swift.

            As you see, NSXMLParser is renamed to XMLParser, and a new type URL is introduced.



            Script to extract strings between two strings in linux
            Asked 2018-Sep-27 at 19:15

            I am trying to write a little script that will let me "org-capture" articles from my rss-reader (newsboat). So my scenario is this: I will pipe the article to a script; however, the article gets piped in one line, like this:



            Answered 2018-Sep-27 at 17:45

            With GNU awk for the 3rd arg to match():



            Q: Kivy Invalid Class Name
            Asked 2018-Sep-13 at 16:59

            I have started learning Kivy framework by reading "Creating Apps in Kivy" by Dusty Phillips. I have done everything as it says in the book and I thought I was also understanding what I was doing, but then I encountered a "ParserException".

            This is my code:



            Answered 2018-Sep-13 at 16:59

            You cannot have a class rule inside another class rule. The solution is one of the following:

            • Remove class rule, :
            • Fix the indentation for class rule, :
            • Check that there is class defined for AddLocationForm in your Python code.

            Avoid declaring both root rule, WeatherRoot: and class rule, : in the kv file to avoid confusion.




            List items from RSS feed in Twig
            Asked 2018-Jun-13 at 19:58

            Trying to list out the items from a blog rss feed. I've add the following controller:



            Answered 2018-Jun-13 at 16:33

            simplexml_load_file ( returns a SimpleXMLElement object.

            So it depends on the XML structure, RSS feed can be like:



            Change spinner color on a toolbar
            Asked 2018-May-12 at 22:40

            I'm working on a sample Android app with a toolbar with a spinner "filter news" that I want to use a filter of items.

            I need to:

            • change colour of the spinner text on the toolbar (Figure 2)

            • change background colour of item list (Figure 3)

            Full code is available on GitHub, here. Some xml code:




            Answered 2018-May-12 at 04:12

            You need to create a custom java class extending ArrayAdapter and apply the logic there to change your text color.



            Angular 2 observable changes when source is updated
            Asked 2017-Apr-05 at 16:05

            Right now I'm trying to write an rss reader based on this article:

            As I see the feed comes from this:



            Answered 2017-Apr-05 at 16:05

            While Http is not a bidirectional channel, you can pull on a regular basis, such a thing should be easy :


            Community Discussions, Code Snippets contain sources that include Stack Exchange Network


            No vulnerabilities reported

            Install rss-reader

            You can download it from GitHub.
            You can use rss-reader like any standard Java library. Please include the the jar files in your classpath. You can also use any IDE and you can run and debug the rss-reader component as you would do with any other Java program. Best practice is to use a build tool that supports dependency management such as Maven or Gradle. For Maven installation, please refer For Gradle installation, please refer .


            For any new features, suggestions and bugs create an issue on GitHub. If you have any questions check and ask questions on community page Stack Overflow .
            Find more information at:

            Find, review, and download reusable Libraries, Code Snippets, Cloud APIs from over 650 million Knowledge Items

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          • CLI

            gh repo clone aleksz/rss-reader

          • sshUrl


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