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kandi X-RAY | RxUtil Summary

kandi X-RAY | RxUtil Summary

RxUtil is a Java library. RxUtil has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has build file available and it has low support. You can download it from GitHub.


            kandi-support Support

              RxUtil has a low active ecosystem.
              It has 32 star(s) with 5 fork(s). There are 2 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 12 months.
              There are 0 open issues and 2 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 11 days. There are no pull requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of RxUtil is 1.1.3

            kandi-Quality Quality

              RxUtil has 0 bugs and 0 code smells.

            kandi-Security Security

              RxUtil has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
              RxUtil code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
              There are 0 security hotspots that need review.

            kandi-License License

              RxUtil does not have a standard license declared.
              Check the repository for any license declaration and review the terms closely.
              Without a license, all rights are reserved, and you cannot use the library in your applications.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              RxUtil releases are available to install and integrate.
              Build file is available. You can build the component from source.
              Installation instructions are not available. Examples and code snippets are available.
              RxUtil saves you 1280 person hours of effort in developing the same functionality from scratch.
              It has 2875 lines of code, 319 functions and 68 files.
              It has medium code complexity. Code complexity directly impacts maintainability of the code.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi has reviewed RxUtil and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into RxUtil implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
            • Button callback
            • test programmatically
            • Creates RxAsyncTask on a given RxTask
            • Performs test resolution
            • Click on view
            • Get the singleton thread pool manager
            • Post a content event
            • Transform io
            • Transform io
            • Optimized version of text watch
            • Initialize progress loader
            • Set the activity view
            • Warns onDestroy
            • Clean up resources
            • Handles an error
            • Notify the progress bar
            • Returns true if the dialog is loading
            • Transformer
            • Sets whether or not the dialog is canceled
            • Override this method to be called when the activity is created
            • Unregisters all subscriptions for the given event
            • Launch Activity View
            • Sets listener for text changes
            • Create the root view
            • Initialize the helper
            • Remove all subscriptions
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            RxUtil Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for RxUtil.

            RxUtil Examples and Code Snippets

            No Code Snippets are available at this moment for RxUtil.

            Community Discussions


            How to unit test Flowable.interval?
            Asked 2020-Jan-06 at 09:09

            I have the following code inside the presenter.



            Answered 2020-Jan-06 at 09:09

            You have to move the time after the flow setup:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59608753


            How to mock newly created objects inside Presenters method?
            Asked 2019-Dec-02 at 10:34

            I have PaymentPresenter with method payWorkOrder(). That method accepts some parameters and based on the logic created two new objects:

            1. WoPayment
            2. PaymentRequest

            Here is the code for that:



            Answered 2019-Dec-02 at 10:34

            Looks issue in mocking

            you are using

            Mockito.when(workOrdersRepository.payWorkOrderInvoice(workOrderId, paymentRequest)).thenReturn(Single.just(response));

            Reason of NPE is paymentRequest while mocking is not same as passed in following code

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59134791


            How do I handle HTTP errors like 401, 403, 503,500 using RxJava Observer instead of Event Bus
            Asked 2019-Aug-20 at 14:13

            I'm using Retrofit, OK-HTTP and RxJava2 to handle network calls, I created below interceptor to handle the Network error response for each network calls, Is there a better way to Handle this? Is this the case for EventBus?

            I don't want to check this error exceptionin each method,

            //HTTP Client ...


            Answered 2018-Mar-04 at 12:06

            one approach i've used in the past is to share a Subject used for communicating error conditions.

            • on the producer side, hold a reference to it a Subject type (Publish/Behavior/Replay/etc) so as to invoke onNext() with the next error the application has incurred. in this case the producer would be the ResponseCodeCheckInterceptor instance. rather than throwing the various exceptions, this instance would instead emit an ErrorState describing the error that just occurred. (assume ErrorState to be a custom type that carries just enough information about an error condition for consumers to decide how to react, e.g. update the UI, clean-up resources, etc).

            • on the consumer side, hold a reference to the shared Subject as an Observable. as you seem to be doing MVP, the Presenter would likely be one of your consumers.

            (dependency injection is a good way to go about sharing the Subject instance).

            hope that helps!

            Update with some rough sample code...

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49062555


            Crash when calling onBackPressed()
            Asked 2019-Jul-17 at 06:48

            I am sending API request to send email and on successful response I am calling onBackPressed() in my EmailActivity class.

            I have also AbstractBaseActivity class which is extended by my EmailActivity class.

            I am getting this crash very often.



            Answered 2019-Jul-16 at 16:28

            If you are only trying to kill the current activity and go back to the previous activity, you can call finish() instead of onBackPressed().

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57061495


            How to test function inside RxJava flatMap?
            Asked 2019-Jul-04 at 12:18

            I have the following method in the presenter.



            Answered 2019-Jul-04 at 08:37

            It seems that the mock can't be read. Try to put any() on the parameters:

            Instead of this:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56883605


            Not able to download multiple video files from json and set the download path to the same list
            Asked 2018-Sep-01 at 13:44

            I am using RxAndroid ,Retrofit and SqlBrite .

            POJO Classes:
            Eg : file_path = "....../videos/.mp4"



            Answered 2018-Sep-01 at 09:06

            If RxUtils.applySchedulers is applying the following then at the point you go through the mapping operation and subsequently hit service.downloadFileByUrl this will be executed on the main thread.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52119332


            After the subscription is added to disposable in RxAndroid (Observable), the control flow ends without calling subscribe..!
            Asked 2018-Aug-18 at 07:41

            I am trying to use MVP, RX and Dagger 2 in android. The following is the code flow,




            Answered 2018-Aug-18 at 07:41

            Your doOnSubscribe executes the content on the same thread where getServerSettings() is executed which belongs to Schedulers.io(). Hence, your mView.showLoadingIndicator(true, "Checking Server ....") is trying to update the UI off the main thread (which is not allowed) and so this error terminates your Observable execution - you may see it in your mView.showErrorMessage(throwable.getLocalizedMessage()) call but I don't know what exactly you're doing there.

            What you should do is to send a message from your doOnSubscribe to the main thread as follows:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51820417


            How to concatenate multiple RxJava observables when the next one depends on previous one?
            Asked 2018-Aug-12 at 12:20

            I am super new to Rx stuff and wish to improve my knowledge.

            The following code works fine, however I want to know how can I improve it. There are two Single observables (mSdkLocationProvider.lastKnownLocation() and mPassengerAPI.getServiceType(currentLocation[0].getLatitude(), currentLocation[0].getLongitude())). Second observable depends on first observable's result.

            I know there are some ops such as zip, concat, concatMap, flatMap. I read about all of them and I am confused now :)



            Answered 2017-May-20 at 04:58

            flatMap is generally the operator to use when you the second operation depends on the result of the first. flatMap works like an inline subscriber. For your example above you could write something like:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44081115


            Test with JUnit an request
            Asked 2018-May-31 at 09:21

            I wanna to test an request with JUnit with an request like this but RxUtils.applySchedulersAndErrorMapper() return null. Is any possibilities to test that?



            Answered 2018-May-17 at 18:23

            If it relates to the SDK, it probably won't work in a unit test. You didn't include your imports, so it's impossible to tell at a glance, but I know from experience that you can't use this in a unit test

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50156306


            Error reading Json Array in Android
            Asked 2018-Apr-30 at 10:40




            Answered 2018-Apr-30 at 00:38

            Your second data Object is missing [ and later ] at options:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50092261

            Community Discussions, Code Snippets contain sources that include Stack Exchange Network


            No vulnerabilities reported

            Install RxUtil

            You can download it from GitHub.
            You can use RxUtil like any standard Java library. Please include the the jar files in your classpath. You can also use any IDE and you can run and debug the RxUtil component as you would do with any other Java program. Best practice is to use a build tool that supports dependency management such as Maven or Gradle. For Maven installation, please refer maven.apache.org. For Gradle installation, please refer gradle.org .


            For any new features, suggestions and bugs create an issue on GitHub. If you have any questions check and ask questions on community page Stack Overflow .
            Find more information at:

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