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kandi X-RAY | brunch Summary

kandi X-RAY | brunch Summary

brunch is a JavaScript library typically used in Utilities, Build Tool, Webpack, Framework applications. brunch has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has a Permissive License and it has medium support. You can install using 'npm i brunch' or download it from GitHub, npm.

Web applications made easy. Since 2011. Fast front-end web app build tool with simple declarative config and seamless incremental compilation for rapid development.

            kandi-support Support

              brunch has a medium active ecosystem.
              It has 6839 star(s) with 472 fork(s). There are 135 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 12 months.
              There are 19 open issues and 1326 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 1253 days. There are 1 open pull requests and 0 closed requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of brunch is 2.8.1

            kandi-Quality Quality

              brunch has 0 bugs and 0 code smells.

            kandi-Security Security

              brunch has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
              brunch code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
              There are 0 security hotspots that need review.

            kandi-License License

              brunch is licensed under the MIT License. This license is Permissive.
              Permissive licenses have the least restrictions, and you can use them in most projects.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              brunch releases are available to install and integrate.
              Deployable package is available in npm.
              Installation instructions are not available. Examples and code snippets are available.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi has reviewed brunch and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into brunch implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
            • Generate the compilation log .
            • Attempts to load a configuration file .
            • Concatenate files into JS objects .
            • Write files to disk
            • Initialize skeleton .
            • Generate an optimized code source .
            • Compile an asset .
            • Prints error banner .
            • Clone package .
            • Filter the entry point for a given type
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            brunch Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for brunch.

            brunch Examples and Code Snippets

            Add separate button action for Bootstrap 3 collapse panel
            JavaScriptdot img1Lines of Code : 35dot img1License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
            $(document).ready(() => {
              $('.addinput').on('click', (e) => {
            a.addinput {
              background: #138eff;
              padding: 5px;
              margin: 0 0 0 15px;
              color: #fff !important;
            I can't find widget to fold or expand children widget
            JavaScriptdot img2Lines of Code : 74dot img2License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
                      title: Text('Collapsible Group Item #1'),
                      children: [
                          title: Text(
                            'Anim pariatur cliche reprehenderit, enim eiusmod high life accusamus'
            Bootstrap accordion Javascript to open one card when the other closes
            JavaScriptdot img3Lines of Code : 43dot img3License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
            $(".btn-link").on("click", function() {
              //check if the button not have class collapsed
              if (!$(this).hasClass("collapsed")) {
                //get another button data-target and show that(use .first() if needed has more then 2 button)
            CSS - styling a bootstrap accordion so active card headers are a different color
            JavaScriptdot img4Lines of Code : 78dot img4License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
            const btnList = document.getElementsByClassName("btn-link");
            for (i = 0; i < btnList.length; ++i) {
              btnList[i].addEventListener("click", function(e) {
                var currentElem = $(this).parent().parent();
                var button = $(this);
            How to open a "collapse" menu automatically?
            JavaScriptdot img5Lines of Code : 15dot img5License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
                  Collapsible Group Item #1
                Anim pariatur cliche reprehenderit, enim eiusmod high life accusamus terry richardson ad squid. 3 wolf moon officia aute, non cupidatat skateboard dolor brunch. Foo
            copy iconCopy
            // better to use some class like '.accordionLink' and check a link for it so other links with '#' will work as they should, without a conflict
            $('a[href*="#"].accordionLink').click(function (e) {		
              let desiredId 
            Using css bootstrap only for accordian
            JavaScriptdot img7Lines of Code : 201dot img7License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
            // Accordion component
            const Accordion = ({ title, children }) => {
              const [isOpen, setIsOpen] = React.useState(false)
              const [height, setHeight] = React.useState(0)
              const bodyRef = React.useRef(null)
              // Get the collapsed
            How to collapse all other nodes in a bootstrap4 list?
            JavaScriptdot img8Lines of Code : 69dot img8License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
                                  Collapsible #1
                             toggle all
            How to display user added text in Tree format
            JavaScriptdot img9Lines of Code : 225dot img9License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
            Bootstrap 4 collapse not a auto close
            JavaScriptdot img10Lines of Code : 60dot img10License : Strong Copyleft (CC BY-SA 4.0)
            copy iconCopy
              JS Bin
                      Collapsible Group Item #1
                    Anim pariatur cliche reprehenderit, enim eiusmod high life accusamus terry richardson ad squ

            Community Discussions


            Add separate button action for Bootstrap 3 collapse panel
            Asked 2022-Apr-01 at 08:26

            In the following example when I click Add button the panel started collapsing along with panel. But I want the panel should not collapse when I click add button. Because I have to write different action for button.

            1. The panel should collapse when I click the title bar
            2. When I click add button it should not collapse

            Kindly drop a comment for further clarifications.



            Answered 2022-Apr-01 at 07:14

            try stopping the event propagation (add a listener, or include it within your other action for that button):



            Changes were detected in the master branch to work done in the sub-branch
            Asked 2022-Feb-28 at 12:18

            I am using the master branch, and I created a new example branch and checked out.

            After working in the example branch, I checked out to the master branch before committing, and the contents I am working on in the example branch are displayed as changed in the master branch.

            As far as I know it doesn't affect different brunches.

            What could have gone wrong?



            Answered 2022-Feb-28 at 12:15

            If I understand your description correctly, nothing has gone wrong. You have made some changes which are not committed anywhere, and git is telling you what those uncommitted changes are.

            I suspect you have some misunderstandings about how git works, so let's step through your description, re-wording to a more "git's eye view" of what you did:

            I am using the master branch

            You set your currently checked out branch to be "master", and checked out the current commit pointed at by that branch

            ... and I created a new example branch

            You created a new branch pointer, named "example", pointing at the current commit

            ... and checked out

            You set the currently checked out branch to be "example" (which is currently pointing at the same commit as "master")

            After working in the example branch ... before committing

            You made some changes in your working copy, but didn't commit them. These changes don't belong to any branch, they're just sitting waiting to be committed.

            If you committed them at this stage, the "example" branch would point at your new commit. Since you didn't commit them, nothing happened to any branches.

            I checked out to the master branch

            You set the currently checked out branch to be "master". Since you haven't added any commits to either branch, this is still pointing at the same commit as "example", so no changes need to be checked out.

            the contents I am working on in the example branch are displayed as changed

            The changes you made to your working copy are still uncommitted. Git won't clear them away unless you explicitly ask it to, because that would mean losing your uncommitted work.

            ... in the master branch

            Your currently checked out branch is "master", which just means that if you commit some changes now, that branch will point at the new commit. If you don't commit, there is still nothing changed on either branch.



            Async function returning empty array, and then the desired data - causing app to crash
            Asked 2022-Feb-20 at 05:39

            In my react project, I have a function getDetails that takes in the data retrieved from a database call (filteredVenue), and then console logs that data. This function exists inside a component called MidSection.js. When this component is rendered and getDetails is invoked, the following is logged to the brower:

            MidSection.js:9 [ ]
            MidSection.js:9 [{…}]

            The problem is this - initially, an empty array is being returned which means that is I try to access the data inside filteredReviews, I get an undefined error.

            As an example the following code



            Answered 2022-Feb-20 at 05:39

            just add a check wherever you feel , it is undefined or null.



            When I press header , all cards expand. I have fetch data from API and need to show in a card list
            Asked 2022-Jan-28 at 16:53

            Here I have attached my code. What is the solution to just expand the card which I only pressing?



            Answered 2022-Jan-28 at 16:52

            You did not specify, but from the looks of the code I assume you use bootstrap to do this card action.

            Bootstrap assumes, that data-target gets the id of the card which should be opened/closed.

            In your example, every button and card has the same data-target/id combo. That is the cause of your error. In Order to fix this, every card need a unique id.

            This might sound easy, however I did not get it to work when dynamically assigning values to the properties.

            Here is an working example

            First is used a workaround with ngClass.

            In a second attempt I did it with jQuery just like bootstrap would provided in the documentation

            If you want this functionality out of the box without so much trouble, i would suggest you take a look at



            how to extract answers from for loop
            Asked 2022-Jan-27 at 04:10

            I can't figure out how to correctly write my for loop statement that will give me the correct score. I bolded the code that is what I can't figure out how to write correctly. Anytime I run my program I end up with the first result of (rslt < 3) no matter what numbers I enter.



            Answered 2022-Jan-27 at 03:57

            Inside the loop, you continue assigning the result to the same index in the answers list, rather than assigning the result to another index for each input. Because you are not iterating anything, you don't even need the loop. Replace the entire while loop with the code below. Please upvote and accept answer if it solves/helps you with your problem.



            JSON / struct column type in AWS GLUE + AWS Athena / Hive?
            Asked 2022-Jan-03 at 09:21

            I have a CSV file created from nested JSON. It has both regular type columns (e.g. int, string), as well as JSON columns, created from nested JSONs:



            Answered 2022-Jan-03 at 05:35

            Will try to answer all of your questions.
            Can this file be processed with AWS Glue to be input for AWS Athena / Hive (which is used internally in Athena)?
            Should be. if you structure hive table properly, any csv file can be uploaded there.

            how can I specify the data type for JSON columns?
            in hive you can store as string. Looking at your json structure, you can easily access elements using expression like this - get_json_object(json_col_str,'$.BusinessParking.garage').

            Do I have to do this by hand?
            I guess so unless you have some auto DDL creation utility. You can put sample rows in xl and find out the table structure easily.

            Are the JSONs written OK, or should they be reformatted?
            From the example you gave, i checked last row and json object seems fine to me. I also checked using which validates and formats it in a pretty format. You can use it in case of any discrepancies.



            How to filter one Json file using another Json file
            Asked 2021-Dec-16 at 19:38

            I have these two Json files. One has the information for all of the restaurants and another contains all of the categories. I want to have a category page for each of those categories below which contains the restaurants who have that category in their json file. restaurants.json:



            Answered 2021-Dec-16 at 19:38

            not sure if syntax works, but that should be something you are looking for. i am also not sure if that is one of that efficient ways.



            How to correctly make a page for each category
            Asked 2021-Dec-16 at 15:28

            I am making a category page for restaurants and I have 2 Json files. One with information about the restaurants and one for the categories.

            This is the restaurants.Json file which includes the categories for this restaurant:



            Answered 2021-Dec-16 at 15:28

            You can create 2 Routes, one to render the list of categories and one for the category page to display the details for that category. You can use the Switch and Route component from react-router-dom for this.

            I've created a small demo for this => Working Example

            For example :



            Remove all punctuation from string
            Asked 2021-Nov-25 at 08:02

            I am currently working on a pandas dataframe and trying to extract the value from the column that consists of a string within a list, but I am kinda stuck on how to only keep the text I want.

            This is how one of list looks like:



            Answered 2021-Nov-25 at 08:02

            I want to count the number of time that True and False shows up in each restaurant attribute

            You can concatenate all elements of you list and search for the '\bTrue\b' /'\bFalse\b' patterns (\b denotes word boundaries):



            Django TypeError at /brooklyn/beaches
            Asked 2021-Nov-02 at 02:04

            I was given the task to create an NYC Guide project out of Python and Django. I am iterating through a nested dictionary to render boroughs, activities, and venues. The home page lists a handful of boroughs. The boroughs page lists a handful of activities in each borough. The activities page lists a handful of venues to select. My issue is when I click on one of the activities I receive a TracebackError. I am trying to at least render the venues page that has a simple 'VENUES PAGE' on it. I'd love any advice or feedback. This is my first Django project so forgive me if I didn't explain this thoroughly enough. Feel free to ask for further explanation! What I am ultimately trying to do is render an unordered list of venues for each activity in the activities page. I would like each li to be a url that takes me to the venue.html page. It doesn't have to render a specific venue. I can take it from there. I am stuck on this one step. I have already successfully rendered the borough and activities pages, and I have been able to loop through the activities, but when I click on a specific activity I get this error:

            "TypeError at /brooklyn/beaches activity() missing 1 required positional argument: 'venues'"



            Answered 2021-Nov-02 at 02:04

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