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Popular Libraries to Build Extended Reality (XR) Applications

by abala

With Facebook rebranding itself as Meta and multiple corporations betting on the Metaverse, the interest for development on Metaverse and Extended Reality (XR) have peaked. And it’s no surprise: XR technologies are changing the way we interact with our environment while offering immersive experiences. But what is Extended Reality (XR)? Extended Reality (XR) is an environment or experience that combines virtual and physical realities through the use of augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, virtual reality (VR) or any similar immersive technologies. Think Pokemon Go or The Walking Dead: Our World — games that combine your phone’s camera with a layer of 3D animated objects superimposed on top of it. Or imagine being able to virtually open up a virtual world inside of real-world buildings, like in Ready Player One. Whether you’re new to XR and just starting out, or you’re looking for specific tools to help you in your development process, you can use the following open source resources for your Extended Reality (XR) applications.
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