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7 best JavaScript Automation libraries in 2022

by naveen.kumar@openweaver.com

JavaScript automation libraries help you to automate actions in your browsers. These libraries are very useful for testing web applications. We can run JavaScript automation using any of the Selenium drivers like ChromeDriver, GeckoDriver, InternetExplorerDriver, etc. One reason for the popularity of JavaScript-based web application frameworks is that most web applications have JavaScript components and it's going to be easier to automate such web applications with JavaScript. Developers tend to use some of the following open source libraries: Detox - tests your mobile app while it’s running in a real device/simulator, interacting with it just like a real user; Shipit - Shipit is an automation engine and a deployment tool. Shipit provides a good alternative to Capistrano or other build tools. It is easy to deploy or automate simple tasks on your remote servers. The entire list of Javascript automation open source libraries is provided below.
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