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COP26 Climate Pact Use Cases

by abala

Nearly 200 countries approved the U.N. brokered COP26 pact. John Kerry is optimistic that COP26 puts us closer than ever to avoiding climate chaos, while COP26 climate summit's president Alok Sharma was "deeply frustrated" with the outcome. Most countries have insisted that the agreement was important, though a small step in keeping alive the hopes of achieving the 1.5 degree Celsius temperature goal. It has raised hopes of 2030 climate action goals and a 2023 meeting to scale up the ambition of climate action. Reducing the usage of coal has been a sticky point. However, there has been unanimous support for the focus on adaptation, global methane pledge, and reversing forest loss and land degradation by 2030. It's pretty interesting to see there are 1000s of open source libraries on these topics of adaptation, methane emissions, and forest management. While the countries drive the larger goals, you can adopt many of these into your digital roadmap. The kandi kit on COP26 Climate Pact Use Cases showcases open source libraries to implement adaptation use cases across flooding and weather, methane monitoring, and afforestation.

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Adaptation - Sea Levels and Weather

Methane Emissions


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