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Flappy Bird Game

by Dashini

Flappy Bird is an arcade-style game. It was initially released as a mobile game while tapping the screen to make the bird fly. Later, the game's pc version was released, where the Bird will be controlled using the up key or the space bar. If Bird hits on the pipes or the screen edges, the game ends, and the player needs to restart. Flappy Bird can fly the Bird as far as you can without hitting a pipe. The player is tasked with navigating Faby through pairs of pipes with equally sized gaps placed at random heights. Try to play as long as possible, score as many points as you can!. Following are the steps to be followed for build Flappy Bird Game, 1. Graphics Setup 2. Game Logic 3. Creating Input Controls 4. Generating Sound effects & Display Scores 5. Multi-player


Flappy bird is a single-player game, but it's possible to have multiplayer by using below libraries. Players will play on their game field one who gets more scores will win the game.

Graphic Designs & Game logic

Graphic designs are used in a flappy game to build an image of the player (bird), background, pipe, base and for displaying messages. Game logic and Graphic designs are build by using below libraries.

Creating Input Controls

Key mapper is an open-source library that allows users to use a key or combination of keys to perform a specific action(fly), which can be used for navigating.

Sound effects & Scores

Sound effects are used while the bird hits the pipe, generating scores for every move of a bird and a Game over by sfb & FlapPyBird libraries . Using flairfly library, scores can be calculated by the number of pipes crossed.