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Hangman game using reusable libraries

by Deepu

Hangman game is a word, string guessing game where each player plays to build a missing word, string, by guessing one letter at a time. For each mistake made, the hangman figure will be formed: starts with gallows, then head, body, and finally, the arms and legs. You will win the game if you choose letters to create the correct word before the figure of the hangman is completed. If not, it will be hanged and will finish the game. Follow the following steps to build your own hangman, 1. Development Environment 2. Database 3. String Match 4. Hangman Creation 5. Score Calculation


Database is used to store the words.

Hangman Creation

If the player enters the wrong letter, the figure of hangman will be formed by starting with gallows and if he does it again then head is created, likewise body , arms and legs is created on entering wrong letter.

Development Environment

PyCharm is used for development of game.

String Match

String match is used to check whether the user given word is present in the database or not.

Score Calculation

On entering each letter which is present in word the player will get a score.
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