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Online Voting System using reusable libraries

by Deepu

In recent years, the usage of mobile phones is increased. It has been surveyed that there is a rising interest in voting on SMS cell phones and through social networking tools like Facebook or Twitter. It's believed the voting process by cell phones gives some decision power to the citizens, which can actuate directly on decisions of their concerns. The voting process also can give ways for numerical information surveillance about social phenomena. It describes the intention to create an electronic voting process using mobile. You can create your own customized online e-voting system. 1. Development Environment 2. Database 3. Vote collecting Web Services 4. E-voting application 5. Vote Tally application

Development Environment

VS code is used for development for web application.


Database is used to collect and maintain the voting data collected during the public voting process.

Vote collecting Web Services

The services are dynamic pages which receives parameters via the web browser component from inside Android application.

E-voting application

e-voting application is used for smart voting from various devices
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