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Pinball Game

by Dashini

Pinball is in the category of arcade game in that player uses paddles called flippers to launch the ball into the table. The player's goal is to prevent the ball from falling past your flippers for as long as possible. Interact with dynamic elements of the table like blockers, bumpers, flippers, gates, holes, LEDs, plungers, rollovers, slingshots, spinners, targets, ramps, and pipes to increase your score and get multipliers. This game comes with three balls. Use the arrow keys to hit the left or right flippers. Following are the steps to be followed to build Your Pinball Game, 1. Graphic designs 2. Sound effects 3. User Interface 4. Pinball controller 5. Leaderboard 6. 3D Pinball game

Graphic Designs

Listed below libraries help in creating the best graphic design for gaming applications, which is used in design tables and infrastructure in pinball.

User Interface

The below user interface libraries are used for different platforms like android, Pc.

Sound effects

Sound effects are used for ball hitting, dropping, paddles, and also starting & ending of the game. These effects can be achieved by using the below libraries.

Pinball Controller

The below libraries are used to control the spring to start, left and right paddles to prevent ball drop.

3D Pinball Game

The pinball game can be built in 3D by using the below library.
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