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Smash Battle using reusable libraries

by Deepu

Smash Battle is a cross and 2D platform shooter. It is an 8-bit style game where two, three, or four players face off against everyone. This game is inspired by the Mario battle mini-game from Mario 3. We started developing but changed a lot over time. There are 20 characters to choose from in the game, with different statistics,20 different stages, and Fire bullets, bombs, and airstrikes at your enemies or push the player into a pit. We can also add features to this game like music, voice commands, and background.

Smash battle game

Smash Battle game is a cross and 2D platform shooter.


Music to accompany the dialogue or action of a motion picture in the game.

Background Image

This is the part of the design which helps the players to get attract with the game.

Voice Command

It allows the player to command and interact with others through speech.