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Top-Down Shooter Using Reusable Libraries

by Supraja

The Top-down shooter is a game in which the player acts as a shooter. The shooter can move in all directions at the same speed. This game includes playing in many places like spaceship, with zombies, with asteroids, tanks, dungeon, etc. When the shooter move, enemies come to attack the shooter. All the enemy's speed and count speed keeps on increasing during playing. The shooter has to shoot the enemies. If the shooter shoots enemies, he will gain the score. If the shooter is unable to shoot it, the enemies will attack the shooter and, the player loses the game. Enemy's speed keeps on increasing during playing. Some of these libraries can help you to build this Top-Down Shooter game. You can create your own application by the following steps: 1) User Interface 2) Grid-Based Mapping 3) In-Build Lever Editor 4) Remove The Unnecessary Explosion Graphics 5) Different Modes 6) All Features Combined 7) Recover The Missing Pages 8) Time Concentrating

In-build Lever Editor

In the below libraries there are lot of inbuilt level for the player, and choosing the weapons for the level. Player or users can select what level and what weapons they need. They can edit by themselves.

Remove The Unnecessary Explosion Graphics

By using the above library you can remove the unnecessary explosion graphics and load the high score from the data.

User Interface

Rogue cloud is a 2D multiplayer game. Still, unlike a traditional game where you control it with a controller, keyboard, or mouse, with Rogue Cloud, you are writing code to control your character as it interacts with a vast, dangerous game world.

Different Modes

By using the below libraries, you can create the different modes provided by top-down shooters like zombies, nuclear throne, tank, spaceship, multi-space.

Time Concentrating

By using the below library, e gameplay can elimination of all obstacles encounters along the way. The feature of the game is the significant dynamics, most of the time requiring considerable concentration.

All Features Combined

By using the below library you can create the own application, in this libraries it contain all the features such as the controlling, mapping, music, etc.
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