How to Customize ColorPicker in React Color Picker Component

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Apr 3, 2023

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A color picker is another application of react that enables the users to pick colors from a palette or a color wheel. In online applications, color pickers are frequently used for tasks like choosing a text color, a background color, or a color for a graphical element. React color picker components are provided by several libraries, including react-color and react-color-picker. 

  • react-color-picker: This library provides components that enable the users to include a color- choosing interface in their application. 
  • react-color: A wide range of color picker components, including SketchPicker, ChromePicker, and HuePicker, are included in this library. 

react-color is a more comprehensive library that includes a variety of color picker components with different styles unlike react-color-picker, which is a much simpler library, including a single-color picker component, and customization options are provided by props. There are several more props available for modifying the default color, the format of the selected color, and the layout of the color picker, among other aspects of the ColorPicker component's look and performance. 

For more information about customizing color picker in React, refer to the code given below