tiedot | rudimentary implementation of a basic document | Database library

 by   HouzuoGuo Go Version: 3.4 License: BSD-2-Clause

kandi X-RAY | tiedot Summary

kandi X-RAY | tiedot Summary

tiedot is a Go library typically used in Database, MongoDB applications. tiedot has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has a Permissive License and it has medium support. You can download it from GitHub.

Keywords: Golang, go, document database, NoSQL, JSON.

            kandi-support Support

              tiedot has a medium active ecosystem.
              It has 2712 star(s) with 271 fork(s). There are 156 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 12 months.
              There are 25 open issues and 115 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 54 days. There are 1 open pull requests and 0 closed requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of tiedot is 3.4

            kandi-Quality Quality

              tiedot has no bugs reported.

            kandi-Security Security

              tiedot has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.

            kandi-License License

              tiedot is licensed under the BSD-2-Clause License. This license is Permissive.
              Permissive licenses have the least restrictions, and you can use them in most projects.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              tiedot releases are available to install and integrate.
              Installation instructions are not available. Examples and code snippets are available.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi's functional review helps you automatically verify the functionalities of the libraries and avoid rework.
            Currently covering the most popular Java, JavaScript and Python libraries. See a Sample of tiedot
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            tiedot Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for tiedot.

            tiedot Examples and Code Snippets

            No Code Snippets are available at this moment for tiedot.

            Community Discussions


            Is it possible after making an action or in my case creating an event in calender then the page automatically scrolls down using JavaScript?
            Asked 2021-Apr-19 at 07:15

            How to scroll down after making an event in calnder (code below), then page scrolls down automatically ? to end of the page or can be even adjust it ?




            Answered 2021-Apr-19 at 07:15

            In the below part of your code, add a scrollBy() method. This allows you to set the scroll distance.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67157342


            Print out user's data from MySQL in profile user
            Asked 2021-Apr-12 at 13:59

            Am trying to print out users's inputted data to profile site, but there is something wrong I cannot figure out why this error

            Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: parameter was not defined in /home2-1/n/noorja/public_html/WSK12021/OTIUM-backup/OTIUM02-sandbox/profile.php:49 Stack trace: #0 /home2-1/n/noorja/public_html/WSK12021/OTIUM-backup/OTIUM02-sandbox/profile.php(49): PDOStatement->execute(Array) #1 {main} thrown in /home2-1/n/noorja/public_html/WSK12021/OTIUM-backup/OTIUM02-sandbox/profile.php on line 49

            What should I do....

            The code to print the table in prfile.php:



            Answered 2021-Apr-12 at 13:59

            The problem was that in the old code I used title

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67058834


            Is there any way to export variables in react-native?
            Asked 2020-Nov-25 at 11:05

            I am doing app where i check image size, make ratio calculation of that, because height in pdf must be always 100px, width can be changed and i change it depengin ratio of original picture.

            I am tried to export const variable to different component. But it gives me Syntax error for export { imageHeight }; and export { imageWidth }; also. How can I do this import in react-native? This should work in react. I can not use export default, because I have it already.

            Camera component:



            Answered 2020-Nov-25 at 11:05
            1. You cant export a nameless JSON file.

            2. You cant use let defined variables out of the scope

            3. You can export using export default variableName or export variableName

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65003220


            Find commit hash from individual files checked out locally
            Asked 2020-Nov-03 at 16:02

            In my Go project, I have a copy of https://github.com/HouzuoGuo/tiedot made locally. This was probably made manually (or go get) couple of years ago.

            I cannot tell what version/tag was checked out since that is not maintained anywhere.

            Is there any way for me to find the commit hash from hash of individual files? For example the some hashes are as below:



            Answered 2020-Oct-29 at 21:29

            Is there any way for me to find the commit hash from hash of individual files?

            The bad news: no, because the commit hash depends on not only the files themselves, but also the commit's metadata.

            The good news: you don't need to do that, as you can simply go the other direction, from commit hash to files. That is, with a clone of the repository, walk the commit graph. For each commit you find in the process, compare the saved source snapshot to the set of files you care about.

            Edit 2: Make sure the checksum you're using is the one Git would use, not the one produced by running shasum or any similar command. That is, use the git hash-object command to compute the hash IDs of the objects for which you will search. (The default is to compute a blob hash ID so you can just run git hash-object db/db.go for instance.)

            You may find more than one match (which is why this is not invertible): for instance, perhaps v2.4.2 and v2.4.4 both match because v2.4.3 was broken and the bug was reverted to make v2.4.4. But that's not important, as long as the result works for you.

            To compare the hashes of the sources you care about, use git ls-tree -r on the commit in question. Use git rev-list to enumerate commit hash IDs. If you have a full tree, you can speed things up by computing the tree hash and comparing the result of git rev-parse $commit^{tree} for each $commit value, rather than comparing all the file hashes of some known subset of files, but either way this should go pretty fast.

            Edit: I'm not sure what is going wrong with your script, but here is a much simpler variant:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64548553


            retrieving user data from api (x-api-key)
            Asked 2020-Mar-27 at 20:34

            I'm beginner javascript programmer, here trying to retrieve user information using fetch, question is, is there any easy way to search for a specific person for example : Laurel Gates USERID: 987654321 English is not my mother language so sory for mistakes. here is my code :



            Answered 2020-Mar-27 at 20:34

            After talk through chat problem comes from Content-Response and response without some property called by console.log

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60891568


            Error: Can not find the element [#map_canvas]
            Asked 2019-Nov-10 at 17:30

            I have an Ionic 4 app that uses @ionic-native/google-maps. I am getting the following error:



            Answered 2019-Feb-10 at 11:39

            I was having the same issue. I have just added the styling to that div and it worked like a charm.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54517797


            Form action not going to right php page
            Asked 2019-Jun-20 at 20:32

            I created form in modal, but when submitting form, it doesn't go to the right page, where it should go, which is in this case, edithw.php.

            Here is content of modal:



            Answered 2019-Jun-20 at 20:32

            I found out that on other modal from tag was not closed, so new form tag cannot be made.

            By adding to the exampleModal, I fixed problem.

            I just find out that the tag was missing accidentally.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53301419


            TypeError: Cannot read property 'environment' of null
            Asked 2019-Feb-04 at 01:31

            I have an Ionic 4 app that uses @ionic-native/google-maps. Getting the following stack trace:



            Answered 2019-Feb-04 at 01:31

            I am not sure what is your exact issue, but.. What was the command you used on the CLI? You might need to target the environment variable on the CLI, such as this

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54507781


            How to update checkbox values using user input
            Asked 2018-Nov-06 at 11:32

            I am trying to have a piece of code that displays data from table, saves the data inside a checkbox which, if selected, posts it forward. But I am stuck on a problem with trying to select a different amount of quantity than the original, it will always select the maximum amount due to the checkbox being set to stone when the page is loaded, can I update the checkbox values in some way? The checkbox code looks like this:



            Answered 2018-Nov-06 at 11:32

            First off, let's "optimize" your toggle() function:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53060028


            Const char and split function
            Asked 2018-Feb-16 at 11:51

            This is my split function:



            Answered 2018-Feb-16 at 11:11

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            No vulnerabilities reported

            Install tiedot

            You can download it from GitHub.


            tiedot is a very small project in the large open source community - it is growing fast thanks to the 800+ stars and watchers, as well as many contributors for their feedback, comments, ideas and code. Your contribution matters a lot!. Pull requests/forks all welcome, and please share your thoughts, questions and feature requests in Issues section. Let me know what you think about tiedot, I'd love to hear from you! Please Email me, follow my Twitter and blog. The Go gopher was designed by Renee French. (http://reneefrench.blogspot.com/). The Go gopher is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
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