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kandi X-RAY | Weather Summary

kandi X-RAY | Weather Summary

Weather is a Java library typically used in Mobile, Android applications. Weather has no vulnerabilities, it has build file available and it has low support. However Weather has 22 bugs. You can download it from GitHub.


            kandi-support Support

              Weather has a low active ecosystem.
              It has 27 star(s) with 3 fork(s). There are 4 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 6 months.
              Weather has no issues reported. There are no pull requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of Weather is current.

            kandi-Quality Quality

              Weather has 22 bugs (0 blocker, 0 critical, 0 major, 22 minor) and 98 code smells.

            kandi-Security Security

              Weather has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
              Weather code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
              There are 2 security hotspots that need review.

            kandi-License License

              Weather does not have a standard license declared.
              Check the repository for any license declaration and review the terms closely.
              Without a license, all rights are reserved, and you cannot use the library in your applications.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              Weather releases are not available. You will need to build from source code and install.
              Build file is available. You can build the component from source.
              Weather saves you 481 person hours of effort in developing the same functionality from scratch.
              It has 1133 lines of code, 69 functions and 20 files.
              It has medium code complexity. Code complexity directly impacts maintainability of the code.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi has reviewed Weather and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into Weather implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
            • Region resize
            • Start animator tree
            • Calculate an inSampleSize value based on the requested width and width
            • Start the animator
            • Implements the onDraw method
            • Draw the leaf leaf
            • Draw the tree
            • Draws the points on the board
            • Is called when the tree is changed
            • Start animator for leaf values
            • Start animator alpha
            • Called when the size changed
            • Calculates an inSampleSize value based on the supplied options
            • Region drawable
            • Creates and initializes the weather scope
            • Initializes the GUI
            • Draw the board
            • Updates the sensor
            • Initialise the tree data
            • Initialize the bitmap
            • Start animator
            • Get bitmap scale
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            Weather Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for Weather.

            Weather Examples and Code Snippets

            No Code Snippets are available at this moment for Weather.

            Community Discussions


            Xarray (from grib file) to dataset
            Asked 2021-Jun-16 at 02:36

            I have a grib file containing monthly precipitation and temperature from 1989 to 2018 (extracted from ERA5-Land).

            I need to have those data in a dataset format with 6 column : longitude, latitude, ID of the cell/point in the grib file, date, temperature and precipitation.

            I first imported the file using cfgrib. Here is what contains the xdata list after importation:



            Answered 2021-Jun-16 at 02:36

            Here is the answer after a bit of trial and error (only putting the result for tp variable but it's similar for t2m)



            Invalid Character when Selecting classname - Python Webscraping
            Asked 2021-Jun-16 at 01:11

            I am beginning to learn the basics of webscraping with Python, but I am having a little trouble with my code. I am trying to scrape the weather from the front page of '':



            Answered 2021-Jun-16 at 01:11

            The problem is that your CSS selectors include parentheses () and dollar signs $. These symbols already have a special meaning. See:

            You can escape these characters using a backslash \.



            Accessing objects inside an object for a list
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 16:34

            So I have this object which has other objects and array nested inside it. I want to create a function that lists all the elements in this object and its nested objects. I did create a function but when it lists the items in the objects, it shows [object object] on the section where there is a nested object or array

            This is the object that I have :



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 16:34
            let weather = {
                base: "stations",
                clouds: {
                  all: 1
                coord: {
                  lat: 43.65,
                  lon: -79.38
                dt: 1507510380,
                id: 6167863,
                main: {
                  humidity: 77,
                  pressure: 1014,
                  temp: 17.99,
                  temp_max: 20,
                  temp_min: 16
                name: 'Downtown Toronto',
                sys: {
                  type: 1,
                  id: 2117,
                  message: 0.0041,
                  country: 'CA',
                  sunrise: 1507548290,
                  sunset: 1507589027,
                  type: 1
                visibility: 16093,
                weather: [
                    description: 'clear sky',
                    icon: '01n',
                    id: 800,
                    main: "Clear"
                wind: {
                  deg: 170,
                  speed: 1.5
            function listWeather(object) {
                let itemsList = ''
                let itemsSubList = ''
                for (let key in object) {
                  var item = object[key]
                  if( isObject(item) ){
                    for (let k in item) {
          • ---' + k + ' : ' + item[k] + '
          • '); } }else{ if( Array.isArray(item) ){ document.write('
          • ----'+ key +':
          • '); for (let l in item[0]) { document.write('
          • ------' + l + ' : ' + item[0][l] + '
          • '); } }else{ document.write('
          • ' + key + ' : ' + object[key] + '
          • '); } } } // return itemsList } function isObject(objValue) { return objValue && typeof objValue === 'object' && objValue.constructor === Object; } listWeather(weather)



            Making an array render wait for an axios call
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 11:54

            My intention is to get the weather data for the selected country, passing to the query, so it is displayed the weather from current country capital when the data of a country is displayed.

            The problem is my code tries to render the weather data before the weather array is fetched, resulting in an error.

            TypeError: Cannot read property 'temperature' of undefined

            I get the array data



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 11:54

            Simply use Optional chaining here:



            Converting UTC time to dynamic timezones
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 06:03

            I want to convert the UTC timestamp given as 1623715897 and the timezone value as 19800 to the time in '%H:%M:%S'. I got this information from open weather API and I did not know how to convert to the given time including timezone value.

            I used this code but got the time in UTC.



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 06:03

            You need to utilize timezone and timedelta from datetime



            CanvasJS labels are wrongly positioned
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 00:00

            I'm using CanvasJS to display some weather data, but the labels seem to have the wrong position relative to their data point.

            What is the cause of this?

            This is my chart configuration:



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 00:00

            The issue was the dates were shifting because they included time, so I just turned into day/month/year only.



            How to have unlimited FPS and still control the FPS of your program in Pygame?
            Asked 2021-Jun-14 at 21:42

            I did some research and found this: Setting a fixed FPS in Pygame, Python 3 and this: pygame clock.tick() vs framerate in game main loop. It is similar to what I am asking.

            So the clock.tick(FPS) caps the program to run at that FPS. The reason you do this is so you can control the FPS of the program and it makes it easier for time stuff like waits.

            But how can I unlimited FPS and still control my FPS for time stuff like waits? From my understanding, this is not possible, due to the fact that clock.tick(FPS) caps the FPS and while not adding it in means unlimited FPS but you not being able to control the FPS.

            So it seems to be a question of weather to cap you FPS for control or have your program run as fast as possible, but without control.

            In conclusion, what I am asking is four questions;

            1. Pros and cons of capping your FPS
            2. Pros and cons of not capping your FPS and going on with the natural FPS of your program
            3. Is it possible to have unlimited FPS and still control my FPS for time stuff like waits?
            4. If so, how?


            Answered 2021-Jun-14 at 21:42

            You have to calculate the movement per frame depending on the frame rate.

            pygame.time.Clock.tick returns the number of milliseconds since the last call. When you call it in the application loop, this is the number of milliseconds that have passed since the last frame. When you call it without a parameter (framerate=0), the FPS are unlimited.

            Define the distance in pixels that the player should move per second (move_per_second). Then compute the distance per frame in the application loop:



            How to fix the x-axis value in the Plotly Graph Object?
            Asked 2021-Jun-14 at 18:31

            I am creating a graph which uses few summarised value to be shown on plot. I need my x-axis to be constant from 1 to 30, fix it. So when the horizontal bars come up it will always be less than or equal to 30.



            Answered 2021-Jun-14 at 18:31

            You can configure the xaxis range using update_xaxes:



            Loop through HTML with Selenium
            Asked 2021-Jun-14 at 13:56

            How can I iterate throuah all the list-items of


              I want to go though everey sub-item, that is



            Answered 2021-Jun-14 at 01:15


   java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was BEGIN_OBJECT at line 1 column 148 path $.main
            Asked 2021-Jun-14 at 08:53

            i have problem and really don't know how to fix this. I try to find similar posts several days, but didn't find.

            I use retrofit for parsing api and put it in room database and use rxjava3 because it will be asynchronously

            That my JSON



            Answered 2021-Jun-12 at 07:26

            The data class you are generating for your JSON response is not correct. Many of the things are objects, but you have assigned it as a List item. Here is the correct data class response based on your JSON. So the JSON response is not being parsed properly.


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            No vulnerabilities reported

            Install Weather

            You can download it from GitHub.
            You can use Weather like any standard Java library. Please include the the jar files in your classpath. You can also use any IDE and you can run and debug the Weather component as you would do with any other Java program. Best practice is to use a build tool that supports dependency management such as Maven or Gradle. For Maven installation, please refer For Gradle installation, please refer .


            For any new features, suggestions and bugs create an issue on GitHub. If you have any questions check and ask questions on community page Stack Overflow .
            Find more information at:

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