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by abala

Why is Facebook is rebranding itself to focus on the metaverse? 7 years after its billion-dollar acquisition of Oculus, Facebook is pivoting itself towards virtual reality. While the earlier acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp successfully extended social engagement, metaverse is a much bigger bet. While metaverse looks like VR in a new bottle at some levels, betting the company's future on metaverse shows a strategic intent. It was interesting to see Microsoft announce immersive experiences on MS Teams. Multiple metaverses exist today in individual 3D gaming platforms and VR platforms. We are seeing companies fighting it out for cloud and AI platform dominance. Could Meta be positioning itself to own the user engagement channel in a new way? If users move towards using VR as a primary engagement model, this can pay off well. While this will play out over the decade or more, there are multiple low-hanging fruits to build mixed reality experiences into your applications. The kandi kit on Mixed Reality Solutions showcases popular open source libraries across AR, dedicated VR platforms, and device-specific solutions. Get ready for the next platform war!

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