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kandi X-RAY | AndroidCode Summary

kandi X-RAY | AndroidCode Summary

AndroidCode is a Java library typically used in Server, Runtime Evironment, Nodejs applications. AndroidCode has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has build file available and it has low support. You can download it from GitHub.


            kandi-support Support

              AndroidCode has a low active ecosystem.
              It has 29 star(s) with 7 fork(s). There are 1 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 6 months.
              There are 1 open issues and 0 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 519 days. There are no pull requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of AndroidCode is current.

            kandi-Quality Quality

              AndroidCode has 0 bugs and 0 code smells.

            kandi-Security Security

              AndroidCode has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
              AndroidCode code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
              There are 0 security hotspots that need review.

            kandi-License License

              AndroidCode does not have a standard license declared.
              Check the repository for any license declaration and review the terms closely.
              Without a license, all rights are reserved, and you cannot use the library in your applications.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              AndroidCode releases are not available. You will need to build from source code and install.
              Build file is available. You can build the component from source.
              AndroidCode saves you 2180 person hours of effort in developing the same functionality from scratch.
              It has 4774 lines of code, 238 functions and 130 files.
              It has low code complexity. Code complexity directly impacts maintainability of the code.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi has reviewed AndroidCode and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into AndroidCode implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
            • Invoked when the activity is created
            • Init data model
            • Method to init data layout for the drawer layout
            • Set back arrow
            • Initializes the ImageView
            • Creates the activity
            • Set content layout
            • Initialize the web view
            • Set action bar
            • Takes the screen and returns a bitmap with a status bar
            • Initialize the activity
            • Initializes the view
            • Initializes the RecyclerView
            • Change tab
            • Initialize view
            • SnapShot without status bar
            • Region Override
            • Draw out progress scale
            • Initialize paint
            • Initializes view
            • On click
            • Enter ActionListener
            • Initializes the CallManager
            • Runs the test
            • Initialize attributes
            • Set the view
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            AndroidCode Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for AndroidCode.

            AndroidCode Examples and Code Snippets

            No Code Snippets are available at this moment for AndroidCode.

            Community Discussions


            Cannot publish artifact 'xxx.aar' (xxx.aar) as it does not exist
            Asked 2018-Dec-10 at 10:26

            Could not publish configuration 'archives',Cannot publish artifact danlu-bluetooth.aar (/Users/xxx/work/xxx/workplace/androidcode/libraray/xxx/bluetooth/xxx-bluetooth.aar) as it does not exist.

            Compile environment description:

            1. gradle verison is 4.10.2
            2. Android Gradle plugin version is 3.2.1

            Maven Plugin configuration:



            Answered 2018-Dec-10 at 10:26
            artifacts {
               archives file(getArtifactId() + ".aar")
               archives sourcesJar



            Change different android layouts using Thread.sleep
            Asked 2018-Feb-25 at 14:04

            I want to change the layout of the main activity after 10 secs of sleep. I have created two xml files along with activity_main.xml(linear.xml,relative.xml).When I first call the method on button click, the last layout that is set is only displayed. I want linear layout (linear.xml) to be displayed and then after 10 sec it should change to relative layout(relative.xml). I tried using a array to store layouts and then use a variable to switch the contents by passing the variable in setContentView() method ,but that did not work (neither layout was loaded). Can you specify a solution or a way to accomplish this ? Thanks

            Following is



            Answered 2018-Feb-25 at 14:04


            Launching Android Studio find the exception that com.intellij.openapi.vfs.InvalidVirtualFileAccessException: Accessing invalid virtual file:
            Asked 2017-May-16 at 01:17

            Accessing invalid virtual file: file:///Users/zhanghuagang/AndroidCode/BloodPresure/patient/app/build/generated/source/r/debug/com/homehealth/patient/; original:515343; found:- com.intellij.openapi.vfs.InvalidVirtualFileAccessException: Accessing invalid virtual file: file:///Users/zhanghuagang/AndroidCode/BloodPresure/patient/app/build/generated/source/r/debug/com/homehealth/patient/; original:515343; found:- at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.persistent.PersistentFSImpl.getFileId( at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.persistent.PersistentFSImpl.mustReloadContent( at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.persistent.PersistentFSImpl.getLength( at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.impl.VirtualFileSystemEntry.getLength( at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.FileDocumentManagerImpl.reloadFromDisk( at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.FileDocumentManagerImpl.contentsChanged( at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor58.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at com.intellij.util.EventDispatcher.dispatch( at com.intellij.util.EventDispatcher.access$200( at com.intellij.util.EventDispatcher$2.invoke( at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy15.contentsChanged(Unknown Source) at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.impl.BulkVirtualFileListenerAdapter.fireAfter( at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.impl.BulkVirtualFileListenerAdapter.after( at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor57.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at com.intellij.util.messages.impl.MessageBusConnectionImpl.deliverMessage( at com.intellij.util.messages.impl.MessageBusImpl.doPumpMessages( at com.intellij.util.messages.impl.MessageBusImpl.pumpMessages( at com.intellij.util.messages.impl.MessageBusImpl.sendMessage( at com.intellij.util.messages.impl.MessageBusImpl.access$200( at com.intellij.util.messages.impl.MessageBusImpl$2.invoke( at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy17.after(Unknown Source) at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.persistent.PersistentFSImpl.processEvents( at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.RefreshSessionImpl.fireEventsInWriteAction( at com.intellij.openapi.vfs.newvfs.RefreshSessionImpl.fireEvents( at com.intellij.openapi.application.TransactionGuardImpl$ at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.LaterInvocator$FlushQueue.runNextEvent( at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.LaterInvocator$ at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch( at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl( at java.awt.EventQueue.access$500( at java.awt.EventQueue$ at java.awt.EventQueue$ at Method) at$JavaSecurityAccessImpl.doIntersectionPrivilege( at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent( at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue.defaultDispatchEvent( at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue._dispatchEvent( at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue.dispatchEvent( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents( at



            Answered 2017-May-16 at 01:17

            " File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart... -> Invalidate and Restart" is OK.


            Community Discussions, Code Snippets contain sources that include Stack Exchange Network


            No vulnerabilities reported

            Install AndroidCode

            You can download it from GitHub.
            You can use AndroidCode like any standard Java library. Please include the the jar files in your classpath. You can also use any IDE and you can run and debug the AndroidCode component as you would do with any other Java program. Best practice is to use a build tool that supports dependency management such as Maven or Gradle. For Maven installation, please refer For Gradle installation, please refer .


            For any new features, suggestions and bugs create an issue on GitHub. If you have any questions check and ask questions on community page Stack Overflow .
            Find more information at:

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            gh repo clone smartsean/AndroidCode

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