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kandi X-RAY | heroicons Summary

kandi X-RAY | heroicons Summary

heroicons is a JavaScript library typically used in User Interface, Icon, React applications. heroicons has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has a Permissive License and it has medium support. You can install using 'npm i haunted-heroicons' or download it from GitHub, npm.

A set of 450+ free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for you to use in your web projects. Available as basic SVG icons and via first-party React and Vue libraries.

            kandi-support Support

              heroicons has a medium active ecosystem.
              It has 18778 star(s) with 1239 fork(s). There are 159 watchers for this library.
              There were 1 major release(s) in the last 12 months.
              There are 0 open issues and 381 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 30 days. There are no pull requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of heroicons is v2.0.18

            kandi-Quality Quality

              heroicons has 0 bugs and 0 code smells.

            kandi-Security Security

              heroicons has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
              heroicons code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
              There are 0 security hotspots that need review.

            kandi-License License

              heroicons is licensed under the MIT License. This license is Permissive.
              Permissive licenses have the least restrictions, and you can use them in most projects.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              heroicons releases are available to install and integrate.
              Deployable package is available in npm.
              Installation instructions are not available. Examples and code snippets are available.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi has reviewed heroicons and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into heroicons implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
            • Build icons .
            • Main main function .
            • Read the icons for a given style
            • Export all the icons
            • Ensures a file exists
            • Ensure a JSON file .
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            heroicons Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for heroicons.

            heroicons Examples and Code Snippets

            No Code Snippets are available at this moment for heroicons.

            Community Discussions


            How to prevent set state before useEffect?
            Asked 2022-Apr-16 at 20:29

            I have a React/Next component. This component download data from firebase storage based on a route. For example, for route http://localhost:3000/training/javascript the component with get data from /training/javascript router in firebase storage.



            Answered 2022-Apr-16 at 20:29

            You messed up a bit with asynchronous code and loops, this should work for you:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71896764


            Infinity loop when I try to get information from firebase into nextjs using useEffect
            Asked 2022-Apr-11 at 21:14

            I am creating a video section for a project with NextJS. I have the videos in firebase storage.

            I created a dynamic route, which launch all videos from an specific reference of the bucket. For example, my bucket is somebucket and has a folder called training with categories (category-1, category-2, category-3). Each category will be a dynamic route for example localhost:3000/training/category-1. Up to here, all good.

            File for dynamic route [id].js



            Answered 2022-Apr-11 at 17:32

            Im not sure what the issue is but isn't it better to have only the id param in the useEffects array dependency list.

            I think this would be better as you only have different videos depending on the route so only when the route changes does the useEffect have to rerun.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71831705


            Javascript const object syntax - what is this doing? (using in a Vue script)
            Asked 2022-Apr-02 at 16:31

            What is the following statement doing, and why use const vs var?



            Answered 2022-Apr-02 at 16:31

            Looks like your issue is that you're storing MyApp under window, but then trying to access it directly. You've also got a capital M in the definition, and a lowercase when your accessing it.

            Here's a working example:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71712474


            How does the heroicons codebase make use of [xx] in a pip install heroicons[django] or heroicons[jinja]?
            Asked 2022-Mar-23 at 02:59

            When I read heroicons python library, I saw there are two ways to install depending on which templates you want to use.


            tells me

            python -m pip install heroicons[jinja]


            tells me

            python -m pip install heroicons[django]

            I understand the purpose broadly. WHich is install based on the choice of template to target.

            however, it's the implementation that interests me.

            How does the codebase read the installation choice and pick accordingly?

            Does this mean there will be two different pypi? But it doesn't seem the case with https://pypi.org/project/heroicons/



            Answered 2022-Mar-16 at 05:15

            When using pip install, setuptools is used to also download the required dependencies. The documentation for setuptools can be found here.

            The square brackets are a way of defining extra requirements in setuptools. As you mentioned, it isn't a separate package in pypi, it is the same package with 2 additional arguments to define additional optional dependencies.

            You can see how it is implemented from the setup.cfg file on github:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71447788


            Webpack/Vue vue__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE... is not defined
            Asked 2022-Mar-05 at 18:31

            I would like to make a web app which works with VueJS, the scripts files will be packed all in one with Webpack.

            I've installed Vue and Webpack with Npm. Here is the structure of my app folder :



            Answered 2022-Mar-05 at 17:28

            As the error says, there is no 'default' export in 'vue' package. That is because the global Vue API initialization in Vue 3 has been changed from:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71364223


            Button Function Not calling From Another file in React
            Asked 2022-Mar-05 at 06:20

            I need to call CutomerDashboard.js file's "toggleIsTrucated" function and "isTruncated" to CustomerNotice.js files button onClick and text change places, How can I call that?

            (In this customer dashboard file I'm creating a Read function to show some extent of notice text)



            Answered 2022-Feb-27 at 09:53

            Instead of doing a bunch of hacks, I would recommend simplifying the structure of your components.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71282900


            TailwindCSS fade in Element on click
            Asked 2022-Mar-01 at 11:01

            So I'm making this app and I need to fade in the menu when I click the button. I have it rendering on click using state, but I can't get it to fade in / fade out on click. When I edit the opacity value inside Chrome Dev Console the transition works fine, but when I want to change it using state it doesn't.

            Any help? Thanks in advance!



            Answered 2022-Mar-01 at 04:14

            The solution is, you need to add duration, like this:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71303186


            TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'user')
            Asked 2022-Feb-07 at 08:25

            I am trying to create a Facebook clone using Nextjs and created nextjsAuth and configured the login now I tried to get my Facebook profile picture into my clone and this error is shown and I tried to run but this error showing and I don't know what to do here can anyone solve this, please



            Answered 2022-Feb-05 at 12:34

            the variable session probably undefined.

            try to access like below to resolve this issue

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/70995941


            Headless UI Dropdown - Open menu above the button
            Asked 2022-Feb-06 at 13:26

            Headless UI provides an example for a dropdown menu, where when you click the button, the dropdown opens below.

            The code for this is here:



            Answered 2022-Feb-06 at 13:26


            what is the best way to use react router V6 navigation with redux and redux thunk actions?
            Asked 2022-Jan-31 at 22:20

            I am making a react app (not react-native) using React-v17, and react-redux V7, and React Router V6, searching and reading many articles, I could not find a way to navigate programmatically inside redux actions using the V6 hooks, as hooks can only be called inside components, here is what I have




            Answered 2022-Jan-31 at 15:41

            You'd better do the navigation directly in your callback. You can take advantage of the rule of Hooks: Call Hooks from custom Hooks.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/70928255

            Community Discussions, Code Snippets contain sources that include Stack Exchange Network


            No vulnerabilities reported

            Install heroicons

            You can install using 'npm i haunted-heroicons' or download it from GitHub, npm.


            For any new features, suggestions and bugs create an issue on GitHub. If you have any questions check and ask questions on community page Stack Overflow .
            Find more information at:

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