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GDPR Review and Compliance

by abala

Over 850 footballers in the UK have threatened to sue over 17 sports data processing companies over using their personal data without consent. While they have initially identified companies across sports data analytics, entertainment and betting, they believe over 150 companies could be using players' data without consent. The core of the plea is non-compliance under Article 4 of the GDPR, which prohibits using personal data such as physical, physiological, location information without consent. To highlight the scale of the issue, about 7,000 pieces of information on one player are being used in analytics and other uses. If this legal action is successful, it can reshape how data is used in sports and across many industries. It can even create a new economy around 'data trading'. While GDPR adherence and PII usage guidelines shape up globally over the next many years, it is essential for developers to proactively comply with current GDPR and develop strong practices around PII data governance. kandi kit on GDPR Review and Compliance showcases popular libraries that provide frameworks, scanners, best practices, and implementation utilities for GDPR compliance. News source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-58873132

GDPR Frameworks and Audits

Solutions for understanding the GDPR framework, audit tools, and scanners.

GDPR Compliance Implementation

Utilities that enable you to implement GDPR compliance in our solutions.
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