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Getting started with Augmented Reality Kit

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AR Model Augmented reality enables you to bring virtual objects into your environment, augmenting the real world around with new digital content. With AR Kit, you can create experiences that integrate virtual images into the real world to interact with people, things, places, and services; simply by walking around a store, office, outdoors, or at home with a mobile device in their hands. A-Frame is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences. A-Frame is built on top of the web platform to allow it to work across multiple browsers without plugins. Arframe is a library that provides React components for working with A-Frame and React components for working with AR.js (AR library). Networked-aframe is an extension that makes it possible to use interactivity between multiple devices running A-Frame by connecting them over the WebRTC protocol. The entire list of open-source repos, popular and easy to use AR-specific libraries and a demo is provided below.

Aframe for Augmented Reality

A-Frame is an open-source web framework used for building Augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Three.js for AR Libraries

Three.js is the open-source web framework used to develop augmented reality (AR) projects.

Web AR Libraries

Web-based augmented reality (WebAR) is the most advanced technology that allows users to access AR experiences directly from their smartphones.

Kit Solution Source

Here's a project with the installer, source code, and step-by-step tutorial that you can build in under 30 mins. Example project on Augmented Reality Link for getting started with Augmented Reality Kit Build AR Powered E-commerce site Watch recording of a live training session on Build AR Powered E-commerce site

Kit Deployment Instructions

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