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Getting started with Augmented Reality Kit

by kandikits

Augmented Reality overlays virtual objects on the real world.​It also enables users to interact with people, things, places, and services; simply by walking around a store, office, outdoors, or at home with a mobile device in their hands. This kit has been curated with ✅ Easy to use open source repos to get you started ✅ popular and easy to use Augmented Reality specific libraries ✅ Collection of Augmented Reality resources - blogs, books, tutorials, and more ✅ Demo of Augumented Reality (Recording of the training session provided)

Aframe for Augmented Reality

A-Frame is an open-source web framework used for building Augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Three.js for AR Libraries

Three.js is the open-source web framework used to develop augmented reality (AR) projects.

Web AR Libraries

Web-based augmented reality (WebAR) is the most advanced technology that allows users to access AR experiences directly from their smartphones.

Kit Solution Source

Here's a project with the installer, source code, and step-by-step tutorial that you can build in under 30 mins. Example project on Augmented Reality Link for getting started with Augmented Reality Kit Build AR Powered E-commerce site Watch recording of a live training session on Build AR Powered E-commerce site

Kit Deployment Instructions