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 by   qishibo JavaScript Version: 0.0.3 License: No License

kandi X-RAY | totop Summary

kandi X-RAY | totop Summary

totop is a JavaScript library typically used in Plugin, Browser Plugin applications. totop has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities and it has low support. You can download it from GitHub.


            kandi-support Support

              totop has a low active ecosystem.
              It has 75 star(s) with 27 fork(s). There are 5 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 12 months.
              There are 6 open issues and 24 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 2 days. There are no pull requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of totop is 0.0.3

            kandi-Quality Quality

              totop has 0 bugs and 0 code smells.

            kandi-Security Security

              totop has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
              totop code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
              There are 0 security hotspots that need review.

            kandi-License License

              totop does not have a standard license declared.
              Check the repository for any license declaration and review the terms closely.
              Without a license, all rights are reserved, and you cannot use the library in your applications.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              totop releases are available to install and integrate.
              Installation instructions are available. Examples and code snippets are not available.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi has reviewed totop and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into totop implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
            • Base64 encoding .
            • dispose ready event handler
            • Fetch the menu
            • clear bbox
            • An array scanner .
            • Creates a new context .
            • Writable class
            • sub render template
            • Event handler for dropdown
            • drop .
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            totop Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for totop.

            totop Examples and Code Snippets

            No Code Snippets are available at this moment for totop.

            Community Discussions


            Javascript : Call function and wait seconds then
            Asked 2022-Mar-17 at 10:54

            I feel stupid because I do not find what I want to do...

            It is in PURE Javascript.

            I wan't to call a function, and stop it (or kill it, or whatever) next some seconds.

            Here is my actual code :



            Answered 2022-Mar-14 at 21:08

            This is simple example without async and await with manual timeout counter implementation.



            totop is not a function jquery error plugin
            Asked 2021-Nov-12 at 06:20

            I am using totop jquery plugin for go to top.

            I have included jquery plugin in the top of this

            Here is my html



            Answered 2021-Nov-12 at 06:20

            I have tried to re-create the same scenario. This is my imports-



            Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined problem
            Asked 2021-Aug-25 at 16:56

            I've tried pasting the code copied from the code pen site below in the vault, but it doesn't work. I wonder why it's not working. What do I have to do to make it work? The CSS source code was imported using Viw compiled. Does this matter?

            Code Pen Address

            Error :



            Answered 2021-Aug-25 at 16:56

            I think is becaus you have to import Jquery. Place this in your HTML



            Send ref via props in functional component
            Asked 2021-Aug-03 at 15:58

            In my parent component I call hook useRef: const flatListRef = useRef(null); and then I want to use this flatListRef in child component. I tried to do like in documentation but without success. When I call my function toTop I get: null is not an object (evaluating 'flatListRef.current.scrollToOffset')

            This is my parent component:



            Answered 2021-Aug-03 at 15:58

            Here is a working example:

            Key takes:

            • you need to use prop ref when passing it down, not flatListRef
            • you need to destructure filteredData from props

            Here is the relevant code:



            Swift Argument type 'XXX' expected to be an instance of a class or class-constrained type
            Asked 2021-Jun-28 at 10:32

            I'm a very beginner of Swift & SwiftUI. I'm trying to set ID to View in ScrollView, so then I can use ScrollViewReader to scroll to top position(first item).What I'm struggling is when I try to get the index of an array, I get the error Argument type 'XXX' expected to be an instance of a class or class-constrained type. How can I solve this issue? thx

            enter image description here



            Answered 2021-Jun-28 at 10:32


            Load more content divs and stop the page at the "Load more" button
            Asked 2021-Mar-25 at 10:08

            I want to apply an example for loading divs,

            The problem is that during loading, the page does not stop at the Load more button to display the new displayed divs but it continues to the bottom of the page

            I want stop the display at the last divs ?

            Any idea please ?



            Answered 2021-Mar-25 at 09:49

            You need to save the first hidden div in JS object (if there is any) and use its top property to scroll animation.

            Please, Check below solution:



            How can i refactor my JS to use fewer if else statements and be less repetitive
            Asked 2020-Nov-04 at 22:57

            The issue i'm facing is this code feels way too repetitive/heavy. I would like to simplify this or refactor to make it better, any suggestions welcome. I am still JS beginner, so thank you for input and explanations.

            The goal of this code is to change the position of my side navigation based on where the user is on the page. Here's the code:



            Answered 2020-Nov-04 at 22:57

            You can use toggleClass instead of conditionally using addClass or removeClass: pass a second argument to indicate whether the class should be added or removed. This:



            How to force going to top of page in ShinyR tabItem with conditional panels?
            Asked 2020-Oct-17 at 16:09

            I'm putting together a shinyApp to work as an survey board for number of psychological questionnaires.

            Every tab is another study, and inside an app there is a number of conditional panels (as next pages of the survey). To navigate throught pages, there is another panel at the end of page. After changing pages I would like the browser to navigate to the top of new page (the beginning of next questionnaire).

            I've tried to base a solution on How to add a "back to top of page" button in R Shiny?, but with observeEvent being the change to the slider. Unfortunately, it won't work. As a matter of fact, it seem to not do anything.

            I've created an example of the problem in the code below:



            Answered 2020-Oct-17 at 16:09

            Ok, so I've finally got it. I've found the accepted answer from R Shiny Dashboard Scroll to Top on Button Click to work in my code.

            If you need to utilize the same functionality for multiple tabs, which have multiple pages and sliders, you may study the answers to this question: How to listen for more than one event expression within a Shiny observeEvent

            Below I paste my modified minimal reproductive example - it may help anyone with similar trouble to mine.



            Error getting details of PayPal v2 Order created on client side
            Asked 2020-Oct-04 at 04:48

            I have a website with a membership with 3 pages, one for presenting the membership (with my PayPal button), one with registration form (for adding the member in my database) and a last one when all this is complete( say " you can now login ").

            I just followed a video on YouTube to add the PayPal button for my member to pay an amount before starting filling the registration form.

            I am using PayPal SDK. Here is my code:

            FIRST PAGE (account-step1.php)



            Answered 2020-Oct-04 at 04:48

            I see this is a client-side only integration for payment creation and capture, where then after that client-side capture you use a server=side AI call to get the details of the order. That's a very strange hybrid, one wonders why you didn't integrate 'Set Up Transaction' and 'Capture Transaction on the server side (and paired with the approval JS for a server side integration) to get all the benefits of that robustness, and then you wouldn't need an additional API call to get the details of the order since you would already have it after the server-side capture and be able to store it atomically. Basically, it seems you really should switch to that instead of this unnecessary hybrid you're trying to do.

            But if you insist on doing weird and inadvisable things that nobody recommends, Order IDs like 7KM15574UC313712P weren't created by your server-side code, and so can't be accessed that way. What you can try instead is to look up the successful Capture ID (not Order ID) in the JS, from purchase_units[0] , and pass this actual PayPal transaction ID to your server code instead. Then use it to get the v2/payment capture object, which will use a different API/SDK call -- in your case, this one:

            (But again, ideally this whole paragraph would be moot and you would pay more attention to paragraph #1)



            bootstrap moblile menu toggle background color not working
            Asked 2020-Oct-02 at 15:17

            i am trying to find out why when i use a moblile device or resize the screen to small, when you press the toggle button the links come but no background color??

            I am using bootstrap, any idea on how to fix this?

            If you would like to see for yourself visit

            The code in my head is:



            Answered 2020-Oct-02 at 15:15

            Why not try giving it background color in your css


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