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kandi X-RAY | vue-devtools Summary

kandi X-RAY | vue-devtools Summary

vue-devtools is a TypeScript library typically used in Plugin, Browser Plugin, Vue, Visual Studio Code applications. vue-devtools has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has a Permissive License and it has medium support. You can download it from GitHub.

️ Browser devtools extension for debugging Vue.js applications.

            kandi-support Support

              vue-devtools has a medium active ecosystem.
              It has 20334 star(s) with 3261 fork(s). There are 508 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 12 months.
              There are 294 open issues and 835 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 108 days. There are 23 open pull requests and 0 closed requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of vue-devtools is v6.0.0-beta.14

            kandi-Quality Quality

              vue-devtools has 0 bugs and 0 code smells.

            kandi-Security Security

              vue-devtools has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
              vue-devtools code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
              There are 0 security hotspots that need review.

            kandi-License License

              vue-devtools is licensed under the MIT License. This license is Permissive.
              Permissive licenses have the least restrictions, and you can use them in most projects.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              vue-devtools releases are available to install and integrate.
              It has 410 lines of code, 0 functions and 263 files.
              It has low code complexity. Code complexity directly impacts maintainability of the code.

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            Currently covering the most popular Java, JavaScript and Python libraries. See a Sample of vue-devtools
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            vue-devtools Key Features

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            Community Discussions


            nativescript-firebase issue to get push token
            Asked 2022-Jan-27 at 22:03

            I implemented the nativescript-firebase ( plugin in my mobile app. It used to work fine but since I updated to the 11.1.3 version I cannot get the push token. I tried to get back to the 10.6.3 version but it says it is not available anymore when I execute npm install.

            Here is what I do in my main.js



            Answered 2022-Jan-27 at 22:03

            The message points you to the plugin's include.gradle file, or more specifically,



            Accessing top-level Vue data in nested getter/setter
            Asked 2022-Jan-08 at 04:11
                {{ }}


            Answered 2022-Jan-08 at 04:11


            Since this to the VueComponent can only be resolved at runtime, I came to this kinda hackish workaround:



            VueJS access data attribute from another attribute
            Asked 2021-Jul-16 at 17:11

            I have this code that uses the VueGoodTable component, and I need the user to be able to change the unit of the amount (a mone on the fly :



            Answered 2021-Jul-16 at 17:11

            columns should be a computed property to react to the unit changes :



            How to update Vue-Devtools props in Chrome while doing async promise functions
            Asked 2021-Jun-02 at 07:14

            When I am mutating a prop in Vue 3, which is an object (I know, don't mutate props directly, here it only works because it's passed by reference because it's an object), it updates also in the Vue Dev-Tools which is great.

            If I send some multiple axios calls, where I resolve some promises, the prop doesn't update in the Vue Dev-Tools, but if I console.log it: I see all the new data.

            So, the question is: how can I update Vue Dev-Tools after resolving async promises? It's hard to debug things, when the props are not syncing.



            Answered 2021-Jun-02 at 07:14

            You must use the $set helper:



            Nativescript-Vue 7 - After creating a new project i cannot see network activity in the google chrome devtools
            Asked 2021-Jan-30 at 14:31

            I created the project using this command vue init nativescript-vue/vue-cli-template

            this is the command I used to debug ns debug ios/android

            this used to work in the previous version out of the box

            After researching, I found that this domainDebugger.getNetwork() returns undefined ( dont know if its the reason and if so how to fix it).

            Its located here: node_modules/@nativescript/core/http/http-request/index.ios.js

            Added the current package JSON



            Answered 2021-Jan-25 at 13:12

            Your problem may be related to this tweet.

            Must update dependencies and clean.



            How to access Vue data in Vue-CLI in browser console
            Asked 2020-Dec-13 at 07:44

            I saw many answers telling to use vue-devtools to access the Vue Object but is there a way to do it in the browser console? Like in the tutorial, we enter


            in console to get the data

            Let's say:




            Answered 2020-Dec-13 at 07:44

            You can access the value of data function in created our mounted hooks of Vue lifecycle or can create a function in methods. I am calling your data in created hook



            Cannot find module ''
            Asked 2020-Nov-09 at 18:06

            I am aware of the other questions about this issue. The answers on them are of no help, however. I've been dealing with Node and npm for a few years and I've never come across something so confusing. This is my first time dealing with, however.

            I've installed as a dependency on a git submodule of my project:



            Answered 2020-Nov-09 at 18:06

            Disclaimer: It's impossible for me to reproduce your error given that a) I'm on Mac, b) I don't have Photoshop and c) I didn't watch the video tutorial. Still, if you bare with me, I'm pretty sure the following will hint you in the proper direction.

            The error you are getting is not actually related to or Any dependency that you would declare from your plugin (and that it is not already a dependency of the generator) would trigger the same issue.

            The problem is essentially that your plugin's node_modules directory is not actually used for dependency resolution. I'd expect that you can confirm this by adding something like console.log(require.paths) at the top of your plugin's source file.

            Then why is it not used? Because generator hijack modules resolutions to disallow loading dependencies from outside of your plugin's node_modules (see Generator's main file: app.js). Note that this is a recent change (July 15, 2020) which explains why the setup you use may work in the tutorial but no longer works.

            Now, I'm not sure exactly what's wrong with generator's patched module resolution. Apparently, it doesn't support symlinked plugins directories, but then again, I don't think this is your case. Could it be that some of your dependency may have been hoisted to a parent node_module directory? Another thing is that the construction of safe paths seems to include the "plugins" folder itself (rather than the directory of a specific plugin)... Could be a problem.

            Anyway, at this point, I suggest that you 1) try downgrading generator-core's source to tag 3.12.0, 2) if it works, open a ticket on generator-core's bug tracker, then 3) revert generator-core to currently version (this is a security fix, so you should not ignore it) and try to work out a solution.



            Scoped and global CSS not applied to Nativescript-Vue
            Asked 2020-Sep-13 at 10:25

            I have created a new Nativescript-Vue project but the CSS is not working, scoped and global. But inline CSS like the code blocks below are working properly.


            Any tips? TIA

            Here is my main.js:



            Answered 2020-Sep-13 at 10:25

            This issue has been fixed in @nativescript/webpack@3.0.3.

            Make sure you update the webpack plugin:



            coming across with Cors issue after logged in
            Asked 2020-Sep-04 at 05:53

            here is my axios get request



            Answered 2020-Sep-04 at 05:53

            I preferred to use this one!!!



            Data from promise never renders in component
            Asked 2020-Sep-03 at 08:06

            In NativeScript-Vue/Firebase, I have a method with a promise that is supposed to get an array of document uids from the current user's associated Firestore document. The uids correspond to documents associated with other users (the users that the current user is following" aka their "circle").

            The Firestore data looks like this:

            Using vue-devtools, it shows in the data for the page that circleList gets populated by the correct array of data. The problem is, it never renders in the Listview, and isLoading never changes to false. My assumption is that the component is trying to render before the data is loaded. I've tried to solve this with async/await for that method, but it makes the userProfile info from Vuex never render either.

            The code looks like this:



            Answered 2020-Sep-03 at 08:06

            Since userProfile is also async, you will have to wait for it to resolve before you can do the first map in getCircle.

            The way I like to do this is by creating an action for userProfile that returns a promise. The action would first check if there is a userProfile in the state. If there is, it will just return userProfile, if not, it will fetch it and then return it:


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