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capistrano is a Ruby library typically used in Devops, Continuous Deployment applications. capistrano has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has a Permissive License and it has medium support. You can download it from GitHub.
Capistrano is a framework for building automated deployment scripts. Although Capistrano itself is written in Ruby, it can easily be used to deploy projects of any language or framework, be it Rails, Java, or PHP. Once installed, Capistrano gives you a cap tool to perform your deployments from the comfort of your command line. When you run cap, Capistrano dutifully connects to your server(s) via SSH and executes the steps necessary to deploy your project. You can define those steps yourself by writing Rake tasks, or by using pre-built task libraries provided by the Capistrano community.

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                        capistrano has a medium active ecosystem.
                        It has 12404 star(s) with 1818 fork(s). There are 324 watchers for this library.
                        There were 1 major release(s) in the last 6 months.
                        There are 52 open issues and 1061 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 43 days. There are 4 open pull requests and 0 closed requests.
                        It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
                        The latest version of capistrano is v3.17.2
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                                    capistrano has 0 bugs and 0 code smells.
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                                                capistrano has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
                                                capistrano code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
                                                There are 0 security hotspots that need review.
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                                                            capistrano is licensed under the MIT License. This license is Permissive.
                                                            Permissive licenses have the least restrictions, and you can use them in most projects.
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                                                                        capistrano releases are available to install and integrate.
                                                                        Installation instructions, examples and code snippets are available.
                                                                        capistrano saves you 4832 person hours of effort in developing the same functionality from scratch.
                                                                        It has 10202 lines of code, 336 functions and 122 files.
                                                                        It has medium code complexity. Code complexity directly impacts maintainability of the code.
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                                                                                  Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA
                                                                                  kandi has reviewed capistrano and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into capistrano implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
                                                                                  • Adds a filter to the server .
                                                                                    • Invokes a task .
                                                                                      • Define a file
                                                                                        • Execute a shell call .
                                                                                          • Configures TLS configuration .
                                                                                            • Returns true if the value exists .
                                                                                              • Setup the command .
                                                                                                • Instantiates a new instance .
                                                                                                  • Loads the dependencies of the load
                                                                                                    • Defines a task .
                                                                                                      Get all kandi verified functions for this library.
                                                                                                      Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

                                                                                                      capistrano Key Features

                                                                                                      There are many ways to automate deployments, from simple rsync bash scripts to complex containerized toolchains. Capistrano sits somewhere in the middle: it automates what you already know how to do manually with SSH, but in a repeatable, scalable fashion. There is no magic here!.

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                                                                                                      Rails 7 engine how to make uncompiled stylesheets available to host app?
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                                                                                                      Auto restart the server after capistrano deploy
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                                                                                                      Passenger keeps looking for wrong ruby version
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                                                                                                      Rails bundle install Could not find turbo-rails-7.1.1 in any of the sources
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                                                                                                      Want to transfer Rails application to React application
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                                                                                                      Can't continue deploying after for while via capistrano
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                                                                                                      Connection refused error faye port 9292 private_pub gem
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                                                                                                      setup ROR application using puma nginx and capistrano
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                                                                                                      R: split-apply-combine for geographic distance
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                                                                                                      Capistrano/Puma : Unable to load application: ArgumentError: missing keyword: :root
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                                                                                                      Rails 7 engine how to make uncompiled stylesheets available to host app?
                                                                                                      Asked 2022-Apr-03 at 13:08

                                                                                                      So I have a file not found problem. I have an engine that works in development mode in the engines test/dummy app, the engine allows the editing of sass variables and stores them in a theme table, the variables are used by a sass partial such as _banner.scss containing variables used in the main stylesheet such as $banner_color which is then imported into the main stylesheet which in turn is precompiled using an initializer in the engine.rb file and inclusion in the app/config/engine_name_manifest.js.

                                                                                                      The files are all available in development with the local dummy app but not in the eventual host app due to the assets being compiled.

                                                                                                      I have a rake task that takes the data, updates the relevant partial e.g. _banner.scss with the data from the theme table but of course the partials are not not available in a host app as the engine has already compiled them. I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to edit the raw, uncompiled stylesheets then recompile them. Obviously my Capistrano deploy script will need to reapply the stylesheet changes every deployment but that is just a rake task call. What approach should I take? Should I find a way to copy the css files to the host app in an engine initializer? Should I use a different approach entirely, I have started looking at propshaft but that is a massive step to replace sass rails and I'm not sure how that would help

                                                                                                      The engine

                                                                                                      require "deface"
                                                                                                      require 'ccs_cms_admin_dashboard'
                                                                                                      require 'ccs_cms_custom_page'
                                                                                                      require 'ccs_cms_core'
                                                                                                      require 'css_menu'
                                                                                                      #require 'tinymce-rails'
                                                                                                      require 'delayed_job_active_record'
                                                                                                      require 'daemons'
                                                                                                      require 'sprockets/railtie'
                                                                                                      require 'sassc-rails'
                                                                                                      module CcsCms
                                                                                                        module PublicTheme
                                                                                                          class Engine < ::Rails::Engine
                                                                                                            isolate_namespace CcsCms::PublicTheme
                                                                                                            paths["app/views"] << "app/views/ccs_cms/public_theme"
                                                                                                            initializer "ccs_cms.assets.precompile" do |app|
                                                                                                              app.config.assets.precompile += %w( public_theme_manifest.js )
                                                                                                            initializer :append_migrations do |app|
                                                                                                              unless app.root.to_s.match?(root.to_s)
                                                                                                                config.paths['db/migrate'].expanded.each do |p|
                                                                                                                  app.config.paths['db/migrate'] << p
                                                                                                            initializer :active_job_setup do |app|
                                                                                                              app.config.active_job.queue_adapter = :delayed_job
                                                                                                            config.to_prepare do
                                                                                                              Dir.glob(Engine.root.join("app", "decorators", "**", "*_decorator*.rb")) do |c|
                                                                                                                Rails.configuration.cache_classes ? require(c) : load(c)
                                                                                                            config.generators do |g|
                                                                                                              g.test_framework :rspec,
                                                                                                                fixtures: false,
                                                                                                                request: false,
                                                                                                                view_specs: false,
                                                                                                                helper_specs: false,
                                                                                                                controller_specs: false,
                                                                                                                routing_specs: false
                                                                                                              g.fixture_replacement :factory_bot
                                                                                                              g.factory_bot dir: 'spec/factories'

                                                                                                      The Css class that writes the css

                                                                                                       class Css
                                                                                                        def get_stylesheet_path
                                                                                                        def write_css(theme)
                                                                                                          update_css_files_for(theme.banner, '_public_banner.scss', BANNER_ARRAY, BANNER_FIELD_MAP)
                                                                                                          update_css_files_for(theme.banner.font, '_public_banner_font.scss', BANNER_FONT_ARRAY, BANNER_FONT_FIELD_MAP)
                                                                                                          def update_css_files_for(model_record_to_use, css_file, array_to_use, field_map)
                                                                                                            amended_css = amend_css_for(model_record_to_use, css_file, array_to_use, field_map)
                                                                                                            create_css_files_for(css_file, amended_css)
                                                                                                          def amend_css_for(model_record_to_use, file_name, array_to_use, field_map)
                                                                                                            original_css_array = IO.readlines("#{get_stylesheet_path}/#{file_name}")
                                                                                                            new_array = []
                                                                                                            original_css_array.each do |line|
                                                                                                              new_line = line
                                                                                                              array_to_use.each do |ma|
                                                                                                                if line.start_with?(ma)
                                                                                                                  field_name = field_map[ma.to_sym]
                                                                                                                  new_line = ma + ": #{model_record_to_use[field_name.to_sym]};"
                                                                                                                  #puts("@@@@ original line: #{line}, ma: #{ma}, Field name: #{field_name}, value: #{theme[field_name]}")
                                                                                                              new_array << new_line
                                                                                                          # ---- File and I/O Handling ---- #
                                                                                                          def create_css_files_for(file_name, css_array)
                                                                                                  "#{get_stylesheet_path}/#{file_name}", "w") do |file|
                                                                                                              file.puts css_array


                                                                                                      Answered 2022-Apr-02 at 03:44

                                                                                                      Thanks for clarifying. If I understood correctly here my take on it.

                                                                                                      partials are not not available in a host app as the engine has already compiled them

                                                                                                      Partials are still there, precompilation just outputs *.{css/js} files into public/assets/ that are declared in app/assets/config/manifest.js.

                                                                                                      To get to engines files, instead of Rails.root use:


                                                                                                      In Css class, for example:

                                                                                                      def get_stylesheet_path

                                                                                                      To support changing theme engines. Theme root can be set in an engine initializer to something like Rails.configuration.theme_root and used in the main app.

                                                                                                      Because your theme is also configurable, I think it's better to read theme's original sass files but not modify them, copy them into a tmp folder and update with values from theme table, then output a theme.css in the main app with sass.

                                                                                                      ​# Compiles all Sass
                                                                                                      $ sass tmp/theme/application.scss:app/stylesheets/theme.css

                                                                                                      Then let Rails take over the precompilation process.

                                                                                                      Another option is to have one sass configuration file and only update this file. That way there is no dependency on the file structure of any particular theme.

                                                                                                      import 'configuration' // sass variables with values from theme table
                                                                                                      import 'banner'        // uses sass variables only

                                                                                                      Also just use css variables, if that's an option, and avoid all of the above complexity; no precompilation, no redeploys when theme table changes.

                                                                                                      Update for css variables.

                                                                                                      Just so we're on the same page. I meant these css variables: If Internet Explorer is not a priority for you, this is the best solution. The setup is something like this:

                                                                                                        <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'application' %>
                                                                                                      /* app/assets/stylesheets/application.css */
                                                                                                      p { color: var(--text-color); }

                                                                                                      Possible fix to avoid amending css files. Use erb interpolation inside the sass files. No need to amend every time a theme configuration is changed. In development compiles on the fly. In production it has to be precompiled again when theme configuration is changed; no amending.

                                                                                                      // _banner.scss.erb
                                                                                                      p { color: <%= Theme.text_color %>; }

                                                                                                      You could even use amend_css_for function to insert literal erb code and save some time. For example

                                                                                                      new_line = ma + ": <%= Theme.#{model_name}.#{field_name} %>;" 

                                                                                                      Finally, if you don't want to touch engine files and because these files are not part of the main/host app (as in literally two separate folders in the filesystem). You have to make a copy when amending; read from CcsCms::PublicTheme::Engine.root write to Rails.root.

                                                                                                      def get_stylesheet_path
                                                                                                      # but save to main app
                                                                                                      def create_css_files_for(file_name, css_array)
                                                                                              "#{Rails.root.join("app/assets/stylesheets/ccs_cms/public_theme")}/#{file_name}", "w") do |file|
                                                                                                          file.puts css_array



                                                                                                      Auto restart the server after capistrano deploy
                                                                                                      Asked 2022-Feb-26 at 01:26

                                                                                                      I have nginx + nginx unit + django python application , and django project is is deployed by capistrano


                                                                                                      lock "~> 3.16.0"
                                                                                                      set :application, "mynavi"
                                                                                                      set :branch, 'master'
                                                                                                      set :deploy_to, "/var/www/html/mynavi"
                                                                                                      set :linked_dirs, fetch(:linked_dirs, []).push('static')
                                                                                                      set :keep_releases, 3
                                                                                                      set :linked_files,  %w{.env}
                                                                                                      set :repo_url, ""


                                                                                                      set :stage, :production
                                                                                                      set :branch, 'master'
                                                                                                      server '', user: 'ubuntu', roles: %w(app), primary: true
                                                                                                      namespace :deploy do
                                                                                                          desc 'Collec Static Files'
                                                                                                          task :collectImg do
                                                                                                              on roles(:app) do
                                                                                                                  execute "source activate mynavi;/home/ubuntu/anaconda3/envs/mynavi/bin/python /var/www/html/mynavi/current/ collectstatic --noinput"
                                                                                                          after :publishing, :collectImg

                                                                                                      cap prodution deploy makes deployment successfully

                                                                                                      However, after deployment

                                                                                                      I need to restart unit manually.

                                                                                                      sudo systemctl restart unit

                                                                                                      Can I do this automatic after deployment?


                                                                                                      Thanks to @Timo Stark 's answer

                                                                                                      My final production.rb is here, just adding the curl line.


                                                                                                      set :stage, :production
                                                                                                      set :branch, 'master'
                                                                                                      server '', user: 'ubuntu', roles: %w(app), primary: true
                                                                                                      namespace :deploy do
                                                                                                          desc 'Collec Static Files'
                                                                                                          task :collectImg do
                                                                                                              on roles(:app) do
                                                                                                                  execute "source activate mynavi;/home/ubuntu/anaconda3/envs/mynavi/bin/python /var/www/html/mynavi/current/ collectstatic --noinput"
                                                                                                                  execute "sudo curl -X GET --unix-socket /path/to/control.unit.sock http://localhost/control/applications/app_name/restart"
                                                                                                          after :publishing, :collectImg


                                                                                                      Answered 2022-Feb-25 at 17:46

                                                                                                      With the latest release you are able to restart the application and let Unit reload the code from the workdir.

                                                                                                      sudo curl -X GET --unix-socket /path/to/control.unit.sock  \


                                                                                                      Happy to discuss the capistrano intergration a little further.



                                                                                                      Passenger keeps looking for wrong ruby version
                                                                                                      Asked 2022-Jan-27 at 22:58

                                                                                                      I upgrade my ruby version to 2.6.5. I deployed it to my server using capistrano.

                                                                                                      But my nginx logs say this:

                                                                                                      App 9470 output: /bin/sh: 1: exec: /home/deploy/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.1/wrappers/ruby: not found
                                                                                                      [ E 2022-01-27 12:34:23.7336 9450/Tc age/Cor/App/Implementation.cpp:221 ]: Could not spawn process for application /home/deploy/taddar/current: The application process exited prematurely.
                                                                                                        Error ID: d1f83ca0
                                                                                                        Error details saved to: /tmp/passenger-error-0KwZUf.html
                                                                                                      [ E 2022-01-27 12:34:23.7393 9450/T9 age/Cor/Con/CheckoutSession.cpp:276 ]: [Client 1-1] Cannot checkout session because a spawning error occurred. The identifier of the error is d1f83ca0. Please see earlier logs for details about the error.

                                                                                                      When I run ruby -v I get 2.6.5, yet above you can see its looking for 2.3.1:

                                                                                                      ruby -v
                                                                                                      ruby 2.6.5p114 (2019-10-01 revision 67812) [x86_64-linux]

                                                                                                      Any ideas on how to fix this?

                                                                                                      In my deploy.rb I set the ruby version.

                                                                                                      set :rvm_ruby_version, '2.6.5'

                                                                                                      My nginx.config looks like:

                                                                                                      user www-data;
                                                                                                      worker_processes auto;
                                                                                                      pid /run/;
                                                                                                      events {
                                                                                                              worker_connections 768;
                                                                                                              # multi_accept on;
                                                                                                      http {
                                                                                                              passenger_ruby /usr/bin/ruby2.6.5;
                                                                                                              # Basic Settings
                                                                                                              sendfile on;
                                                                                                              tcp_nopush on;
                                                                                                              tcp_nodelay on;
                                                                                                              keepalive_timeout 65;
                                                                                                              types_hash_max_size 2048;
                                                                                                              underscores_in_headers on;
                                                                                                              # server_tokens off;
                                                                                                              # server_names_hash_bucket_size 64;
                                                                                                              # server_name_in_redirect off;
                                                                                                              include      /etc/nginx/mime.types;
                                                                                                              default_type application/octet-stream;
                                                                                                              # SSL Settings
                                                                                                              ssl_protocols TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2 TLSv1.3; # Dropping SSLv3, ref: POODLE
                                                                                                              ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;
                                                                                                              # Logging Settings
                                                                                                              access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log;
                                                                                                              error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log;
                                                                                                              # Gzip Settings
                                                                                                              gzip on;
                                                                                                              gzip_disable "msie6";
                                                                                                              gzip_vary on;
                                                                                                              gzip_proxied any;
                                                                                                              gzip_comp_level 6;
                                                                                                              gzip_buffers 16 8k;
                                                                                                              gzip_http_version 1.1;
                                                                                                              gzip_min_length 256;
                                                                                                              gzip_types text/plain text/css application/json application/x-javascript text/xml application/xml application/xml+rss text/javascript application/ application/x-font-ttf font/opentype image/svg+xml image/x-icon;
                                                                                                              # Phusion Passenger config
                                                                                                              # Uncomment it if you installed passenger or passenger-enterprise
                                                                                                              include /etc/nginx/passenger.conf;
                                                                                                              # Virtual Host Configs
                                                                                                              include /etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf;
                                                                                                              include /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*;


                                                                                                      Answered 2022-Jan-27 at 22:58

                                                                                                      Bingo got it working. Thanks to @razvans and @engineersmnky for pointing me in the right direction.

                                                                                                      Yes I had references to passenger_ruby but it was in the wrong place. I had to go to /etc/nginx/sites-available and add passenger_ruby /path/to/ruby

                                                                                                      To find out what the /path/to/ruby is use passenger-config about ruby-command and use the value at Command.

                                                                                                      passenger-config about ruby-command
                                                                                                      passenger-config was invoked through the following Ruby interpreter:
                                                                                                        Command: /home/deploy/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.6.5/wrappers/ruby

                                                                                                      So mine was

                                                                                                      server {
                                                                                                       passenger_ruby /home/deploy/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.6.5/wrappers/ruby

                                                                                                      You might want to know any other references you have to ruby so they don't conflict with each other. A useful command is: grep -rnw 'path' -e 'passenger_ruby'

                                                                                                      This doc helped me a lot



                                                                                                      Rails bundle install Could not find turbo-rails-7.1.1 in any of the sources
                                                                                                      Asked 2022-Jan-21 at 18:20

                                                                                                      On a brand new digitalocean droplet running Ubuntu 20.10 with a brand new pretty near empty rails 7 alpha 2 app running bundle install results in the following both when running cap production deploy on my local machine and when running from the command shell on the droplet

                                                                                                      Fetching gem metadata from
                                                                                                      Could not find turbo-rails-7.1.1 in any of the sources

                                                                                                      I have no issues locally with this so this has to be an environment issue on the production server or some configuration option I've missed somehere. I am using latest stable rvm which is correctly configured,

                                                                                                      rvm gemset list
                                                                                                      gemsets for ruby-3.0.0 (found in /home/comtechmaster/.rvm/gems/ruby-3.0.0)
                                                                                                      => master_cms

                                                                                                      I used a capistrano script to deploy the app and latest stable version node was installed using nvm. Bundler is the same version on both environments and turbo-rails-7.1.1 does not appear anywhere in my gemfile.lock


                                                                                                      Answered 2021-Nov-09 at 14:37

                                                                                                      I ran into this also. Not sure why, but they yanked the 7.x versions and regressed to 0.8.x:


                                                                                                      Just add this to your Gemfile:

                                                                                                      gem 'turbo-rails', '~> 0.8'

                                                                                                      And then run and run ./bin/bundle update turbo-rails and you should be good.



                                                                                                      Want to transfer Rails application to React application
                                                                                                      Asked 2022-Jan-14 at 08:33

                                                                                                      Currently, Rails application is on service.
                                                                                                      The environment is following the below.

                                                                                                      Environment Version Rails 7.0.0 Ruby 3.0.0 Elasticsearch(using ruby'gem) - Activeadmin(using ruby'gem/management screen) - RailsAdmin(using ruby'gem/management screen) - Devise(authentication) - Capistrano(Deploy) -

                                                                                                      I'm thinking to introduce React to my app.
                                                                                                      But in case of management screen, I want to use Rails.
                                                                                                      Because it's already customized a lot and no complaint so far.

                                                                                                      I think to introduce React to Rails app is 3way.

                                                                                                      1. Using Webpacker
                                                                                                      2. Using Gem(react-rails/react_on_rails)
                                                                                                      3. Using create-react-app

                                                                                                      From my thinking, 1&2 and 3 have big differences. 1&2 is React renders from Rails View. 3 is React renders independently and Rails is just used for API.

                                                                                                      So I have three questions.

                                                                                                      1. Compare 1&2 and 3, which is faster? Is there big different?
                                                                                                      2. In case of 3, I think React'host should be 3000, Rails should be 3001. Is it possible to release step by step? Like introducing React only top screen, others are Rails.
                                                                                                      3. In case of 3, can I use RailsAdmin for management screen?

                                                                                                      I have no idea.
                                                                                                      Please help me..


                                                                                                      Answered 2022-Jan-14 at 08:33

                                                                                                      I would almost always use the approach number 3, as in using Rails as an API and having admin panel. To achieve this you simply define a different route for all the api endpoints and the admin, don't overthink this. Under the rails port you can put all the API endpoints and a rails admin endpoint. Using Webpacker in rails is still supported but starting with rails 7 it is no longer the default, which means that in case of some problems (which in my experience are frequent with webpacker) you might have a harder time finding some help. Using gems to work with JS frameworks always seems to me like an unnecessary complication, and adding an extra tool to help with a different tool...

                                                                                                      Keep both tools to themselves, you can still have both apps in one repository nothing is stoping you from that, but Rails being responsible for the backend and react being the frontend is the most sensible approach IMHO. Nothing stands in a way of using rails app as both the API server and rails admin managment view. It is just a matter of setting up the routes.



                                                                                                      Can't continue deploying after for while via capistrano
                                                                                                      Asked 2022-Jan-07 at 17:12

                                                                                                      My environment is following the below.

                                                                                                      Environment Version Rails 7.0.0 Ruby 3.0.0 capistrano 3.16.0 Production environment Amazon EC2 Linux

                                                                                                      After for while from deploying, I got these logs.

                                                                                                      Then deploying stopped, not working anymore.

                                                                                                      INFO [41bfeeb4] Running /usr/bin/env sudo /bin/systemctl stop puma_〇〇_production as deploy@〇〇
                                                                                                       DEBUG [41bfeeb4] Command: ( export RBENV_ROOT="/usr/local/src/rbenv" RBENV_VERSION="3.0.0" ; /usr/bin/env sudo /bin/systemctl stop puma_〇〇_production )
                                                                                                       DEBUG [41bfeeb4] 
                                                                                                          #1) 他人のプライバシーを尊重すること。
                                                                                                          #2) タイプする前に考えること。
                                                                                                          #3) 大いなる力には大いなる責任が伴うこと。
                                                                                                       DEBUG [41bfeeb4]       [sudo] deploy password:

                                                                                                      I think it's related to authorization.

                                                                                                      I have no idea for fixing.

                                                                                                      How can I do?


                                                                                                      set :application, '〇〇'
                                                                                                      set :repo_url, '〇〇'
                                                                                                      set :deploy_to, '/var/www/〇〇'
                                                                                                      set :puma_threads, [4, 16]
                                                                                                      set :puma_workers, 0
                                                                                                      set :pty, true
                                                                                                      set :use_sudo, false
                                                                                                      set :stage, :staging
                                                                                                      set :deploy_via, :remote_cache
                                                                                                      set :deploy_to, "/var/www/#{fetch(:application)}"
                                                                                                      set :puma_bind,
                                                                                                      set :puma_state, "#{shared_path}/tmp/pids/puma.state"
                                                                                                      set :puma_pid, "#{shared_path}/tmp/pids/"
                                                                                                      set :puma_access_log, "#{release_path}/log/puma.access.log"
                                                                                                      set :puma_error_log, "#{release_path}/log/puma.error.log"
                                                                                                      set :puma_preload_app, true
                                                                                                      set :puma_worker_timeout, nil
                                                                                                      set :puma_init_active_record, true
                                                                                                      set :puma_restart_command, 'bundle exec puma'
                                                                                                      set :rbenv_type, :system
                                                                                                      set :rbenv_path, '/usr/local/src/rbenv'
                                                                                                      set :rbenv_ruby, '3.0.0'
                                                                                                      set :linked_dirs,
                                                                                                          fetch(:linked_dirs, []).push(
                                                                                                      set :linked_files,
                                                                                                          fetch(:linked_files, []).push(
                                                                                                      namespace :puma do
                                                                                                        desc 'Overwritten puma:restart task'
                                                                                                        task :restart do
                                                                                                          puts 'Overwriting puma:restart to ensure that puma is running. Effectively, we are just starting Puma.'
                                                                                                          puts 'A solution to this should be found.'
                                                                                                          invoke 'puma:stop'
                                                                                                          invoke 'puma:start'
                                                                                                        desc 'Create Directories for Puma Pids and Socket'
                                                                                                        task :make_dirs do
                                                                                                          on roles(:app) do
                                                                                                            execute "mkdir #{shared_path}/tmp/sockets -p"
                                                                                                            execute "mkdir #{shared_path}/tmp/pids -p"
                                                                                                        before :start, :make_dirs
                                                                                                      namespace :deploy do
                                                                                                        desc 'Make sure local git is in sync with remote.'
                                                                                                        task :check_revision do
                                                                                                          on roles(:app) do
                                                                                                            unless `git rev-parse HEAD` == `git rev-parse origin/master`
                                                                                                              puts 'WARNING: HEAD is not the same as origin/master'
                                                                                                              puts 'Run `git push` to sync changes.'
                                                                                                        desc 'Restart application'
                                                                                                        task :restart do
                                                                                                          on roles(:app), in: :sequence, wait: 5 do
                                                                                                            invoke 'puma:restart'
                                                                                                        before :starting, :check_revision
                                                                                                        after :finishing, :compile_assets
                                                                                                        after :finishing, :cleanup
                                                                                                      after 'deploy', 'sitemap:refresh'


                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/setup'
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/deploy'
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/scm/git'
                                                                                                      install_plugin Capistrano::SCM::Git
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/rails'
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/rbenv'
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/rails/assets'
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/rails/migrations'
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/bundler'
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/puma'
                                                                                                      require 'capistrano/sitemap_generator'
                                                                                                      require 'whenever/capistrano'
                                                                                                      require 'dotenv'
                                                                                                      install_plugin Capistrano::Puma
                                                                                                      install_plugin Capistrano::Puma::Systemd
                                                                                                      # Loads custom tasks from `lib/capistrano/tasks' if you have any defined.
                                                                                                      Dir.glob('lib/capistrano/tasks/*.cap').each { |r| import r }


                                                                                                      Answered 2022-Jan-07 at 17:12

                                                                                                      The deploy user needs to be a sudo user in order to restart the puma systemctl service.

                                                                                                      You can fix the issue by creating new file inside /etc/sudoers.d directory and add this line

                                                                                                      deploy ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/bin/systemctl



                                                                                                      Connection refused error faye port 9292 private_pub gem
                                                                                                      Asked 2021-Dec-29 at 14:21

                                                                                                      I am working on a Ruby on Rails application that uses the gem Private Pub ( to have a real time chat messages feature

                                                                                                      This application is hosted in Digital Ocean and chat messages have been working correctly for a long time. However, around 1 and a half month ago it stopped working and I got an error on the console that says: GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

                                                                                                      First thing I did was to restart the Faye server using this command: bundle exec thin -C /data/app/shared/config/private_pub_thin.yml -d -P /data/app/shared/tmp/pids/ --ssl-disable-verify start (I run this command through Capistrano)

                                                                                                      After running that command I checked /data/app/shared/tmp/pids folder and confirmed that is there so process seems to be running

                                                                                                      Then I ran sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN to check open ports and 9292 port is listed

                                                                                                      After that I reloaded the chat and got again the net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error

                                                                                                      Then I checked the ports again and port 9292 does not appear on the list

                                                                                                      So it seems like everytime I load the pages it closes the port or something like that.


                                                                                                      • ufw is not enabled
                                                                                                      • We have a staging server where we have the same problem. Only difference is that in staging port 9292 always appears on the list of open ports. However, it throws net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
                                                                                                      • I think this error started to happen after the old Let’s Encrypt Root Certificate expired ( I am not 100% sure about this but I had other problems related to this and I wonder if this error is somehow related to that
                                                                                                      • It works fine locally

                                                                                                      Thanks in advance!


                                                                                                      Answered 2021-Dec-29 at 14:21

                                                                                                      I ended up removing Private Pub gem and using Pusher to get the real time updates. Pusher was really easy to use. Thank you all!



                                                                                                      setup ROR application using puma nginx and capistrano
                                                                                                      Asked 2021-Dec-09 at 01:08

                                                                                                      I'm trying to deploy ruby on rails application to the Amazon EC2 instance, using puma as an application server, nginx server and capistrano for deployments. Currently I'm stuck with the error message:

                                                                                                      nginx logs are not showing any error,

                                                                                                      puma logs are also not showing what's the error

                                                                                                      I have verified that puma server is started and running, using the following command:

                                                                                                      ubuntu@ip-nnnnn:~$ ps aux | grep puma
                                                                                                      deployer   89555  0.0  1.5 652040 248180 ?       Sl   21:48   0:00 puma 3.12.1 (unix://nnnn/nnn/current/tmp/sockets/puma.sock) [20211130214658]
                                                                                                      deployer   89561  0.0  1.5 854804 259336 ?       Sl   21:48   0:00 puma: cluster worker 0: 89555 [20211130214658]
                                                                                                      deployer   89566  0.0  1.5 787216 247824 ?       Sl   21:48   0:00 puma: cluster worker 1: 89555 [20211130214658]
                                                                                                      ubuntu     89845  0.0  0.0   8168   740 pts/0    S+   22:23   0:00 grep --color=auto puma

                                                                                                      capistrano deploys without any error, all tasks are completed fine, the puma server is restarted fine during the capistrano deployment.

                                                                                                      application log has no recent data, it looks like it doesn't reach to that point, it breaks before that.


                                                                                                      Answered 2021-Dec-09 at 01:08

                                                                                                      In my particular case it was due to the stopped REDIS service. The application was configured to utilize REDIS for caching, however REDIS service wasn't running. This wasn't reflected in the logs for some reason and I spent a good amount of time figuring out what was wrong.



                                                                                                      R: split-apply-combine for geographic distance
                                                                                                      Asked 2021-Nov-17 at 17:53

                                                                                                      I have downloaded a list of all the towns and cities etc in the US from the census bureau. Here is a random sample:

                                                                                                      structure(list(state = structure(c(30L, 31L, 5L, 31L, 24L, 36L, 
                                                                                                      13L, 21L, 6L, 10L, 31L, 28L, 10L, 5L, 5L, 8L, 23L, 11L, 34L, 
                                                                                                      19L, 29L, 4L, 24L, 13L, 21L, 31L, 2L, 3L, 29L, 24L, 1L, 13L, 
                                                                                                      15L, 10L, 11L, 33L, 35L, 8L, 11L, 12L, 36L, 28L, 9L, 31L, 8L, 
                                                                                                      14L, 11L, 12L, 36L, 13L, 8L, 5L, 29L, 8L, 7L, 23L, 25L, 39L, 
                                                                                                      16L, 28L, 10L, 29L, 26L, 8L, 32L, 40L, 28L, 23L, 37L, 31L, 18L, 
                                                                                                      5L, 1L, 31L, 18L, 13L, 11L, 10L, 25L, 18L, 21L, 18L, 11L, 35L, 
                                                                                                      31L, 36L, 20L, 19L, 38L, 2L, 40L, 13L, 36L, 11L, 29L, 27L, 22L, 
                                                                                                      17L, 12L, 20L), .Label = c("ak", "al", "ar", "az", "ca", "co", 
                                                                                                      "fl", "ga", "hi", "ia", "il", "in", "ks", "ky", "la", "md", "mi", 
                                                                                                      "mo", "ms", "mt", "nc", "nd", "ne", "nj", "nm", "nv", "ny", "oh", 
                                                                                                      "ok", "or", "pa", "pr", "ri", "sc", "sd", "tx", "ut", "va", "wa", 
                                                                                                      "wi"), class = "factor"), geoid = c(4120100L, 4280962L, 668028L, 
                                                                                                      4243944L, 3460600L, 4871948L, 2046000L, 3747695L, 839965L, 1909910L, 
                                                                                                      4244824L, 3902204L, 1963750L, 622360L, 669088L, 1382972L, 3125230L, 
                                                                                                      1722736L, 4539265L, 2804705L, 4039625L, 451465L, 3467020L, 2077150L, 
                                                                                                      3765260L, 4221792L, 133904L, 566320L, 4033150L, 3463180L, 223460L, 
                                                                                                      2013675L, 2232405L, 1951600L, 1752142L, 4445010L, 4655684L, 1336416L, 
                                                                                                      1729080L, 1840842L, 4804672L, 3932207L, 1523675L, 4260384L, 1321912L, 
                                                                                                      2159232L, 1735307L, 1867176L, 4839304L, 2057350L, 1309656L, 655380L, 
                                                                                                      4082250L, 1350680L, 1275475L, 3147745L, 3505010L, 5352285L, 2483337L, 
                                                                                                      3909834L, 1912945L, 4068200L, 3227900L, 1366304L, 7286831L, 5505350L, 
                                                                                                      3982390L, 3149915L, 4974480L, 4249440L, 2943346L, 677430L, 280770L, 
                                                                                                      4247872L, 2902242L, 2039075L, 1735281L, 1932565L, 3580120L, 2973852L, 
                                                                                                      3722620L, 2943238L, 1755938L, 4643100L, 4251904L, 4830920L, 3056575L, 
                                                                                                      2801940L, 5156048L, 137000L, 5508925L, 2057300L, 4861172L, 1736477L, 
                                                                                                      4021200L, 3677783L, 3832060L, 2614900L, 1820332L, 3043750L), 
                                                                                                          ansicode = c(2410344L, 2390453L, 2411793L, 1214759L, 885360L, 
                                                                                                          2412035L, 485621L, 2403359L, 2412812L, 2583481L, 2390095L, 
                                                                                                          2397971L, 2396237L, 2585422L, 2411819L, 2405746L, 2398338L, 
                                                                                                          2394628L, 2812929L, 2586582L, 2408478L, 2582836L, 885393L, 
                                                                                                          2397270L, 2402898L, 2584453L, 2405811L, 2405518L, 2412737L, 
                                                                                                          2389752L, 2418574L, 2393549L, 2402559L, 2629970L, 2399453L, 
                                                                                                          2378109L, 2812999L, 2402563L, 2398956L, 2396699L, 2409759L, 
                                                                                                          2393028L, 2414061L, 2805542L, 2404192L, 2404475L, 2398514L, 
                                                                                                          2629884L, 2408486L, 2396265L, 2405306L, 2411363L, 2413515L, 
                                                                                                          2405064L, 2402989L, 2583899L, 2629103L, 2585016L, 2390487L, 
                                                                                                          2397481L, 2393811L, 2413298L, 2583927L, 2812702L, 2415078L, 
                                                                                                          1582764L, 2400116L, 2400036L, 2412013L, 2633665L, 2787908L, 
                                                                                                          2583158L, 2418866L, 1214943L, 2393998L, 485611L, 2398513L, 
                                                                                                          2394969L, 2806756L, 2397053L, 2406485L, 2395719L, 2399572L, 
                                                                                                          1267480L, 2389516L, 2410660L, 2409026L, 2806379L, 2584894L, 
                                                                                                          2404746L, 2586459L, 2396263L, 2411528L, 2398556L, 2412443L, 
                                                                                                          2584298L, 1036064L, 2806333L, 2396920L, 2804282L), city = c("donald", 
                                                                                                          "warminster heights", "san juan capistrano", "littlestown", 
                                                                                                          "port republic", "taylor", "merriam", "northlakes", "julesburg", 
                                                                                                          "california junction", "lower allen", "antwerp", "pleasantville", 
                                                                                                          "el rancho", "santa clarita", "willacoochee", "kennard", 
                                                                                                          "effingham", "la france", "beechwood", "keys", "orange grove mobile manor", 
                                                                                                          "shiloh", "west mineral", "stony point", "east salem", "heath", 
                                                                                                          "stamps", "haworth", "rio grande", "ester", "clayton", "hackberry", 
                                                                                                          "middle amana", "new baden", "melville", "rolland colony", 
                                                                                                          "hannahs mill", "germantown hills", "la fontaine", "aurora", 
                                                                                                          "green meadows", "kaiminani", "pinecroft", "dawson", "park city", 
                                                                                                          "hinsdale", "st. meinrad", "kingsland", "powhattan", "bowersville", 
                                                                                                          "palos verdes estates", "wyandotte", "meigs", "waverly", 
                                                                                                          "sunol", "arroyo hondo", "outlook", "west pocomoke", "buchtel", 
                                                                                                          "chatsworth", "smith village", "glenbrook", "rock spring", 
                                                                                                          "villalba", "bayfield", "waynesfield", "utica", "sunset", 
                                                                                                          "milford square", "lithium", "swall meadows", "unalaska", 
                                                                                                          "martinsburg", "ashland", "leawood", "hindsboro", "gray", 
                                                                                                          "turley", "trimble", "falcon", "linn", "olympia fields", 
                                                                                                          "mitchell", "mount pleasant mills", "greenville", "park city", 
                                                                                                          "arkabutla", "new river", "huntsville", "boulder junction", 
                                                                                                          "potwin", "red lick", "huey", "dougherty", "wadsworth", "grand forks", 
                                                                                                          "chassell", "edgewood", "lindsay"), lsad = c("25", "57", 
                                                                                                          "25", "21", "25", "25", "25", "57", "43", "57", "57", "47", 
                                                                                                          "25", "57", "25", "25", "47", "25", "57", "57", "57", "57", 
                                                                                                          "21", "25", "57", "57", "43", "25", "43", "57", "57", "25", 
                                                                                                          "57", "57", "47", "57", "57", "57", "47", "43", "25", "57", 
                                                                                                          "57", "57", "25", "25", "47", "57", "57", "25", "43", "25", 
                                                                                                          "43", "25", "57", "57", "57", "57", "57", "47", "25", "43", 
                                                                                                          "57", "57", "62", "25", "47", "47", "25", "57", "57", "57", 
                                                                                                          "25", "21", "25", "25", "47", "25", "57", "25", "43", "25", 
                                                                                                          "47", "25", "57", "25", "57", "57", "57", "25", "57", "25", 
                                                                                                          "25", "47", "43", "57", "25", "57", "43", "57"), funcstat = c("a", 
                                                                                                          "s", "a", "a", "a", "a", "a", "s", "a", "s", "s", "a", "a", 
                                                                                                          "s", "a", "a", "a", "a", "s", "s", "s", "s", "a", "a", "s", 
                                                                                                          "s", "a", "a", "a", "s", "s", "a", "s", "s", "a", "s", "s", 
                                                                                                          "s", "a", "a", "a", "s", "s", "s", "a", "a", "a", "s", "s", 
                                                                                                          "a", "a", "a", "a", "a", "s", "s", "s", "s", "s", "a", "a", 
                                                                                                          "a", "s", "s", "s", "a", "a", "a", "a", "s", "s", "s", "a", 
                                                                                                          "a", "a", "a", "a", "a", "s", "a", "a", "a", "a", "a", "s", 
                                                                                                          "a", "s", "s", "s", "a", "s", "a", "a", "a", "a", "s", "a", 
                                                                                                          "s", "a", "s"), latitude = c(45.221487, 40.18837, 33.500889, 
                                                                                                          39.74517, 39.534798, 30.573263, 39.017607, 35.780523, 40.984864, 
                                                                                                          41.56017, 40.226748, 41.180176, 41.387011, 36.220684, 34.414083, 
                                                                                                          31.335094, 41.474697, 39.120662, 34.616281, 32.336723, 35.802786, 
                                                                                                          32.598451, 39.462418, 37.283906, 35.867809, 40.608713, 31.344839, 
                                                                                                          33.354959, 33.840898, 39.019051, 64.879056, 39.736866, 29.964958, 
                                                                                                          41.794765, 38.536765, 41.559549, 44.3437, 32.937302, 40.768954, 
                                                                                                          40.673893, 33.055942, 39.867193, 19.757709, 40.564189, 31.771864, 
                                                                                                          37.093499, 41.800683, 38.168142, 30.666141, 39.761734, 34.373065, 
                                                                                                          33.774271, 36.807143, 31.071788, 27.985282, 41.154105, 36.534599, 
                                                                                                          46.331153, 38.096527, 39.463511, 42.916301, 35.45079, 39.100123, 
                                                                                                          34.81467, 18.127809, 46.81399, 40.602442, 40.895279, 41.13806, 
                                                                                                          40.433182, 37.831844, 37.50606, 53.910255, 40.310917, 38.812464, 
                                                                                                          38.907263, 39.684775, 41.841711, 36.736661, 39.476152, 35.194804, 
                                                                                                          38.478798, 41.521996, 43.730057, 40.724697, 33.111939, 45.630946, 
                                                                                                          34.700227, 37.142945, 34.782275, 46.1148, 37.938624, 33.485081, 
                                                                                                          38.605285, 34.399808, 42.821447, 47.921291, 47.036116, 40.103208, 
                                                                                                          47.224885), longitude = c(-122.837813, -75.084089, -117.654388, 
                                                                                                          -77.089213, -74.476099, -97.427116, -94.693955, -81.367835, 
                                                                                                          -102.262708, -95.994752, -76.902769, -84.736099, -93.272787, 
                                                                                                          -119.068357, -118.494729, -83.044003, -96.203696, -88.550859, 
                                                                                                          -82.770697, -90.808692, -94.941358, -114.660588, -75.29244, 
                                                                                                          -94.926801, -81.044121, -77.23694, -86.46905, -93.497879, 
                                                                                                          -94.657035, -74.87787, -148.041153, -100.176484, -93.410178, 
                                                                                                          -91.901539, -89.707193, -71.301933, -96.59226, -84.340945, 
                                                                                                          -89.462982, -85.722023, -97.509615, -83.945334, -156.001765, 
                                                                                                          -78.353464, -84.443499, -86.048077, -87.928172, -86.832128, 
                                                                                                          -98.454026, -95.634011, -83.084305, -118.425754, -94.729305, 
                                                                                                          -84.092683, -81.625304, -102.762746, -105.666602, -120.092812, 
                                                                                                          -75.579197, -82.180426, -96.514499, -97.457006, -119.927289, 
                                                                                                          -85.238869, -66.481897, -90.822546, -83.973881, -97.345349, 
                                                                                                          -112.028388, -75.405024, -89.88325, -118.642656, -166.529029, 
                                                                                                          -78.324286, -92.239531, -94.62524, -88.134729, -94.985863, 
                                                                                                          -107.792147, -94.561898, -78.65389, -91.844989, -87.691648, 
                                                                                                          -98.029974, -77.026451, -96.110256, -108.925311, -90.121565, 
                                                                                                          -80.595817, -86.532599, -89.654438, -97.01835, -94.161474, 
                                                                                                          -89.289973, -97.05148, -77.893875, -97.08933, -88.530745, 
                                                                                                          -85.737461, -105.152791), designation = c("city", "cdp", 
                                                                                                          "city", "borough", "city", "city", "city", "cdp", "town", 
                                                                                                          "cdp", "cdp", "village", "city", "cdp", "city", "city", "village", 
                                                                                                          "city", "cdp", "cdp", "cdp", "cdp", "borough", "city", "cdp", 
                                                                                                          "cdp", "town", "city", "town", "cdp", "cdp", "city", "cdp", 
                                                                                                          "cdp", "village", "cdp", "cdp", "cdp", "village", "town", 
                                                                                                          "city", "cdp", "cdp", "cdp", "city", "city", "village", "cdp", 
                                                                                                          "cdp", "city", "town", "city", "town", "city", "cdp", "cdp", 
                                                                                                          "cdp", "cdp", "cdp", "village", "city", "town", "cdp", "cdp", 
                                                                                                          "urbana", "city", "village", "village", "city", "cdp", "cdp", 
                                                                                                          "cdp", "city", "borough", "city", "city", "village", "city", 
                                                                                                          "cdp", "city", "town", "city", "village", "city", "cdp", 
                                                                                                          "city", "cdp", "cdp", "cdp", "city", "cdp", "city", "city", 
                                                                                                          "village", "town", "cdp", "city", "cdp", "town", "cdp")), row.names = c(22769L, 
                                                                                                      24845L, 3314L, 24015L, 17360L, 28139L, 10085L, 19881L, 3886L, 
                                                                                                      8750L, 24027L, 20585L, 9362L, 2499L, 3333L, 6041L, 16321L, 6847L, 
                                                                                                      25249L, 14051L, 22233L, 1210L, 17425L, 10353L, 20053L, 23545L, 
                                                                                                      253L, 1951L, 22166L, 17386L, 685L, 9771L, 11134L, 9225L, 7386L, 
                                                                                                      25001L, 25862L, 5663L, 6950L, 8239L, 26555L, 20991L, 6108L, 24388L, 
                                                                                                      5551L, 10772L, 7056L, 8470L, 27292L, 10202L, 5451L, 3116L, 22660L, 
                                                                                                      5776L, 5317L, 16546L, 17582L, 29958L, 12103L, 20709L, 8779L, 
                                                                                                      22515L, 16665L, 5902L, 31901L, 30658L, 21745L, 16574L, 28632L, 
                                                                                                      24127L, 15046L, 3455L, 930L, 24087L, 14494L, 10016L, 7055L, 8993L, 
                                                                                                      18048L, 15434L, 19615L, 15043L, 7454L, 25775L, 24194L, 27115L, 
                                                                                                      15857L, 14038L, 29305L, 276L, 30693L, 10201L, 27863L, 7075L, 
                                                                                                      22046L, 19267L, 20311L, 12502L, 8093L, 15798L), class = "data.frame")

                                                                                                      I would like to calculate the distance between each entry in the city column using the longitude and latitude columns and the gdist function. I know that the following for loop works and is easy to read:

                                                                                                      dist_list <- list()
                                                                                                      for (i in 1:nrow(somewhere)) {
                                                                                                        dist_list[[i]] <- gdist(lon.1 = somewhere$longitude[i], 
                                                                                                                                lat.1 = somewhere$latitude[i], 
                                                                                                                                lon.2 = somewhere$longitude, 
                                                                                                                                lat.2 = somewhere$latitude,

                                                                                                      However: IT TAKES FOREVER to run on the full dataset (31K+ rows)--as in hours. I'm looking for something that will speed up this calculation. I figured something in the split-apply-combine approach would work well, since I would like to eventually involve a pair of grouping variables, geo_block and ansi_block but honestly anything would be better than what I have.

                                                                                                      I have tried the following:

                                                                                                      somewhere$geo_block <- substr(somewhere$geoid, 1, 1)
                                                                                                      somewhere$ansi_block <- substr(somewhere$ansicode, 1, 1)
                                                                                                      somewhere <- somewhere %>%
                                                                                                        split(.$geo_block, .$ansi_block) %>%
                                                                                                        mutate(dist = gdist(longlat = somewhere[, c("longitude", "latitude")]))

                                                                                                      But am unsure of how to specify the second set of long-lat inputs outside of the standard for loop.

                                                                                                      My question:

                                                                                                      1. How do I use the split-apply-combine approach to solve this problem with geo_block and ansi_block as a grouping variable as above? I would like to return the shortest distance and the name of the city and the value of geo_block corresponding to this distance.

                                                                                                      All suggestions are welcome. Ideally the desired result would be fairly quick because the actual dataset I'm working with is quite large. Since I'm a bit in the woods here, I've added a bounty to the question to generate a little more interest and hopefully a wide set of potential answers that I can learn from. Thanks so much!


                                                                                                      Answered 2021-Nov-12 at 22:48

                                                                                                      I have such a solution. And I'm surprised myself that I used two loops for!! Incredibly, I did it. First things first.

                                                                                                      My proposal is based on a simplification. However, the mistake you will make at short distances will be relatively small. But the time gain is huge!

                                                                                                      Well, I propose to count the distance in Cartesian coordinates, not spherical.

                                                                                                      So we're going to need a simple function that computes the Cartesian coordinates based on the two arguments latitude and longitude. Here is our LatLong2Cart feature.

                                                                                                      LatLong2Cart = function(latitude, longitude, REarth = 6371) { 
                                                                                                          x = REarth * cos(latitude) * cos(longitude),
                                                                                                          y = REarth * cos(latitude) * sin(longitude),
                                                                                                          z = REarth *sin(latitude))

                                                                                                      A short comment right away, my function counts distances in kilometers (after all, it's SI units). If you want you can change it by entering the radius in any other units of miles, yards, feet or whatever else you want.

                                                                                                      Let's see how it works. But let me convert yoours data.frame to tibble first.

                                                                                                      somewhere = somewhere %>% as_tibble()
                                                                                                      somewhere %>%  
                                                                                                        mutate(LatLong2Cart(latitude, longitude))


                                                                                                      # A tibble: 100 x 12
                                                                                                         state   geoid ansicode city                lsad  funcstat latitude longitude designation      x      y      z
                                                                                                       1 or    4120100  2410344 donald              25    a            45.2    -123.  city        -1972.   644.  6024.
                                                                                                       2 pa    4280962  2390453 warminster heights  57    s            40.2     -75.1 cdp         -4815. -1564.  3867.
                                                                                                       3 ca     668028  2411793 san juan capistrano 25    a            33.5    -118.  city          485. -3096.  5547.
                                                                                                       4 pa    4243944  1214759 littlestown         21    a            39.7     -77.1 borough       350.  2894.  5665.
                                                                                                       5 nj    3460600   885360 port republic       25    a            39.5     -74.5 city        -1008. -1329.  6149.
                                                                                                       6 tx    4871948  2412035 taylor              25    a            30.6     -97.4 city        -4237.   160. -4755.
                                                                                                       7 ks    2046000   485621 merriam             25    a            39.0     -94.7 city         1435.  -686.  6169.
                                                                                                       8 nc    3747695  2403359 northlakes          57    s            35.8     -81.4 cdp         -2066.  -670. -5990.
                                                                                                       9 co     839965  2412812 julesburg           43    a            41.0    -102.  town         1010.  6223.  -915.
                                                                                                      10 ia    1909910  2583481 california junction 57    s            41.6     -96.0 cdp           840.  4718. -4198.
                                                                                                      # ... with 90 more rows

                                                                                                      Once we have the Cartesian coordinates, let's calculate the appropriate distances. I prepared the calcDist function for this purpose.

                                                                                                      calcDist = function(data, key){
                                                                                                        if(!all(c("x", "y", "z") %in% names(data))) {
                                                                                                          stop("date must contain the variables x, y and z!")
                                                                                                        n = nrow(data)
                                                                                                        dist = array(data = as.double(0), dim=n*n)
                                                                                                        x = data$x
                                                                                                        y = data$y
                                                                                                        z = data$z
                                                                                                        keys = data %>% pull(!!key)
                                                                                                        for(i in 1:n){
                                                                                                          for(j in 1:n){
                                                                                                            dist[i+(j-1)*n] = sqrt((x[i]-x[j])^2+(y[i]-y[j])^2+(z[i]-z[j])^2)
                                                                                                          expand.grid(factor(keys), factor(keys)),
                                                                                                          dist = dist

                                                                                                      This is the place anyway. Right here I used these two for loops. I hope to be forgiven for that!

                                                                                                      Well, let's see if these loops can do something there.

                                                                                                      somewhere %>%  
                                                                                                        mutate(LatLong2Cart(latitude, longitude)) %>% 


                                                                                                      # A tibble: 10,000 x 3
                                                                                                         Var1                Var2     dist
                                                                                                       1 donald              donald     0 
                                                                                                       2 warminster heights  donald  4197.
                                                                                                       3 san juan capistrano donald  4500.
                                                                                                       4 littlestown         donald  3253.
                                                                                                       5 port republic       donald  2200.
                                                                                                       6 taylor              donald 11025.
                                                                                                       7 merriam             donald  3660.
                                                                                                       8 northlakes          donald 12085.
                                                                                                       9 julesburg           donald  9390.
                                                                                                      10 california junction donald 11358.
                                                                                                      # ... with 9,990 more rows

                                                                                                      As you can see, everything works great. Okay, but how to use it on grouped data? It's nothing hard. Let's group it by states.

                                                                                                      somewhere %>% 
                                                                                                        mutate(LatLong2Cart(latitude, longitude)) %>% 
                                                                                                        nest_by(state) %>% 
                                                                                                        mutate(dist = list(calcDist(data, city))) %>% 
                                                                                                        select(-data) %>% 


                                                                                                      # A tibble: 400 x 4
                                                                                                      # Groups:   state [40]
                                                                                                         state Var1                      Var2                        dist
                                                                                                       1 ak    ester                     ester                         0 
                                                                                                       2 ak    unalaska                  ester                      9245.
                                                                                                       3 ak    ester                     unalaska                   9245.
                                                                                                       4 ak    unalaska                  unalaska                      0 
                                                                                                       5 al    heath                     heath                         0 
                                                                                                       6 al    huntsville                heath                     12597.
                                                                                                       7 al    heath                     huntsville                12597.
                                                                                                       8 al    huntsville                huntsville                    0 
                                                                                                       9 ar    stamps                    stamps                        0 
                                                                                                      10 az    orange grove mobile manor orange grove mobile manor     0 
                                                                                                      # ... with 390 more rows

                                                                                                      There is maybe a small redundancy of data here (there are distances from city A to city B and from city B to city A) but the whole thing is relatively easy to implement, which you will probably admit yourself.

                                                                                                      Ok. Now it's time to see how it will work when we group as you want by geo_block and ansi_block.

                                                                                                      somewhere %>% 
                                                                                                        mutate(LatLong2Cart(latitude, longitude)) %>% 
                                                                                                          geo_block = substr(geoid, 1, 1),
                                                                                                          ansi_block = substr(ansicode, 1, 1)) %>% 
                                                                                                        nest_by(geo_block, ansi_block) %>% 
                                                                                                        mutate(dist = list(calcDist(data, city))) %>% 
                                                                                                        select(-data) %>% 


                                                                                                      # A tibble: 1,716 x 5
                                                                                                      # Groups:   geo_block, ansi_block [13]
                                                                                                         geo_block ansi_block Var1                Var2                  dist
                                                                                                       1 1         2          california junction california junction     0 
                                                                                                       2 1         2          pleasantville       california junction 10051.
                                                                                                       3 1         2          willacoochee        california junction 11545.
                                                                                                       4 1         2          effingham           california junction 11735.
                                                                                                       5 1         2          heath               california junction  4097.
                                                                                                       6 1         2          middle amana        california junction  7618.
                                                                                                       7 1         2          new baden           california junction 12720.
                                                                                                       8 1         2          hannahs mill        california junction 11681.
                                                                                                       9 1         2          germantown hills    california junction  5097.
                                                                                                      10 1         2          la fontaine         california junction 11397.
                                                                                                      # ... with 1,706 more rows

                                                                                                      As you can see, there is no problem with that.

                                                                                                      Finally, a practical note. When you use this solution, make sure that the grouped variables are not longer than about 20,000 lines. This can lead to memory allocation problems for such large data. Note that then your result will be 20,000 * 20,000 lines which is quite a lot and you may run out of memory at some point. Although the calculations should not take more than a minute.

                                                                                                      Please check how it works on your data and give some feedback. I also hope that you liked my solution and that the error of distance resulting from the calculations in Cartesian coordinates will not bother you in any particular way.



                                                                                                      Capistrano/Puma : Unable to load application: ArgumentError: missing keyword: :root
                                                                                                      Asked 2021-Nov-16 at 14:29

                                                                                                      Rails 6, Mysql, Ubuntu 20.04 I would like deploy with Capistrano Puma.

                                                                                                      I have this error in my website :

                                                                                                      We're sorry, but something went wrong.

                                                                                                      If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.

                                                                                                      Error into my log : puma.error.log :

                                                                                             `initialize': missing keyword: :root (ArgumentError)
                                                                                                        from /home/ubuntu/apps/appex/shared/bundle/ruby/3.0.0/gems/activestorage- `new' 

                                                                                                      Log Nginx : 2021/11/16 10:05:02 [crit] 3361147#3361147: *6 connect() to unix:///home/ubuntu/apps/appex/shared/tmp/sockets/appex-puma.sock failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting to upstream, client


                                                                                                      Answered 2021-Nov-16 at 13:59

                                                                                                      That error comes from a misconfigured storage.yml in your environment. You are missing the root key.

                                                                                                      For more information on how to set up ActiveStorage, read here.


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