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13 best WebGL libraries in 2022

by kandikits

WebGL is a JavaScript API used to render 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. It allows developers to create applications that display complex, photo-realistic 3D scenes within a web browser window. The WebGL library uses an array of functions that run on the GPU to create graphics. While this is great for gaming, it does not have the same level of functionality as OpenGL or DirectX. Three.js is a library that makes it easy to create 3D interactive scenes in a web browser. It includes a scene graph, a custom lighting engine, and helper functions for common tasks such as loading assets, animating character models, and more. Three.js is currently the most popular library for managing 3D graphics on the Web. PixiJS is another popular library for working with WebGL graphics, which allows you to easily manage all aspects of your game, including animation, physics simulation, particle systems, and more, through its intuitive API, which is built around an object model. Full list of the best open source WebGL libraries are given below