factory | A package for setting up Golang structs as test data | Bot library

 by   nauyey Go Version: v0.2.0 License: Non-SPDX

kandi X-RAY | factory Summary

kandi X-RAY | factory Summary

factory is a Go library typically used in Automation, Bot, Ruby On Rails applications. factory has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities and it has low support. However factory has a Non-SPDX License. You can download it from GitHub.

Factory: Factory for Go Tests.

            kandi-support Support

              factory has a low active ecosystem.
              It has 55 star(s) with 5 fork(s). There are 4 watchers for this library.
              It had no major release in the last 12 months.
              There are 3 open issues and 4 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 2 days. There are no pull requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of factory is v0.2.0

            kandi-Quality Quality

              factory has no bugs reported.

            kandi-Security Security

              factory has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.

            kandi-License License

              factory has a Non-SPDX License.
              Non-SPDX licenses can be open source with a non SPDX compliant license, or non open source licenses, and you need to review them closely before use.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              factory releases are available to install and integrate.
              Installation instructions are not available. Examples and code snippets are available.

            Top functions reviewed by kandi - BETA

            kandi has reviewed factory and discovered the below as its top functions. This is intended to give you an instant insight into factory implemented functionality, and help decide if they suit your requirements.
            • Association sets a association reference to a model .
            • newTable creates a new table for a model .
            • create creates a new instance of the blueprint
            • setInstanceFieldValue sets the given field name to the given value .
            • structFieldByName finds a struct field by name .
            • checks if a field exists in typ .
            • setBlueprintFieldValuesInFactory sets the field values for a blueprint field
            • insertRow is used to insert a row into the database
            • Trait defines a trait definition .
            • definedField returns true if the given field is defined in the factory .
            Get all kandi verified functions for this library.

            factory Key Features

            No Key Features are available at this moment for factory.

            factory Examples and Code Snippets

            No Code Snippets are available at this moment for factory.

            Community Discussions


            My chainlink request isn't getting fulfilled?
            Asked 2021-Jun-16 at 00:09

            Can someone help me investigate why my Chainlink requests aren't getting fulfilled. They get fulfilled in my tests (see hardhat test etherscan events(https://kovan.etherscan.io/address/0x8Ae71A5a6c73dc87e0B9Da426c1b3B145a6F0d12#events). But they don't get fulfilled when I make them from my react app (see react app contract's etherscan events https://kovan.etherscan.io/address/0x6da2256a13fd36a884eb14185e756e89ffa695f8#events).

            Same contracts (different addresses), same function call.


            Here's the code I use to call them in my tests



            Answered 2021-Jun-16 at 00:09

            Remove your agreement vars in MinimalClone.sol, and either have the user input them as args in your init() method or hardcode them into the request like this:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67829219


            How to get a value from application.properties in Spring Boot with a component in a service to encrypt a property in a entity
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 16:03

            When I call the method llaveCom.getName() I always get a null, I don't know why

            Code of component"



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 15:59

            You should use constructor injection. And because you already injection Llaveompo you don't need to have @Value for the secret.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67989436


            How to call mirage server before application starts in StencilJS
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 14:02

            I am working on a StencilJS project where I have to use MirageJS to make fake API data.

            How to call server before StencilJS application loads. In react we can call makeServer() in the index.ts file, but in the stencil, we don't have such a file.

            How can we call this to start the mirage server, Please can someone suggest the correct way.

            Below is my server.ts file mirage/server.ts



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 14:02

            I'm not familiar with MirageJS so I might be off, but can you use globalScript (https://stenciljs.com/docs/config) and then run your Mirage server there?

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67985711


            Method Illuminate\\Auth\\RequestGuard::attempt does not exist
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 13:13

            I just install Laravel passport as follow:

            Admin Model:



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 13:13

            The issue with default guard. So it should be web

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67986476


            Flutter - String, dynamic is not a subtype of type List
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 11:57

            I'm try to load data from rest api to my app get bellow error:

            On emulator get this error:



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 10:11

            Change your code as follows.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67971499


            Losing messages when using RabbitMQ with .NET Core WebAPI
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 11:21

            I am trying to receive and send simple messages from two web APIs using RabbitMQ. It is a pretty simple code for now, and I am trying to see if both the APIs are properly able to communicate with each other. The issue is that I am not receiving all the messages and unable to establish a pattern between those that I am losing and those I am receiving. Below is the sample code.

            For sending messages



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 08:26

            I think, if you change your acknowledge mode, the problem will be fixed: change your consumer part like this:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67981773


            Modify output of an acitivity in Azure Data Factory
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 10:35

            I want to do a simple string transformation on the output of an activity in Azure Data Factory. I can use a Databricks notebook of course for that, but I would like to have a simpler and lighter solution. Is there any built in activity in Azure Data Factory specifically for this purpose?



            Answered 2021-Jun-14 at 01:02

            The output of an active can't be modified or changed directly.

            In Data Factory, if you want to achieve that, it will be complex. There isn't a simpler and lighter solution. Also, there isn't an exist built in activity in Azure Data Factory specifically for this purpose.

            The Data Factory workarounds would like this:

            1. Store the active output into a JSON file, then modify the JSON File through Data Flow. Some others have post the same question, you can search and found that. The step also is a little complex.

            2. Pass the output into parameter or variable with Set variable. Then use the expression language/function to modify the output. The expression may be complex too.

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67957612


            properties not loaded from external configuration, when additional config location is provided from command line
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 10:31

            I am using spring-boot 2.2.7.RELEASE

            In the controller I want to get some values from external config file. But the application does not start even though the properties are available in the external config.

            could you suggest how to load only specific properties from external config.

            NOTE: I also tried spring.config.additional-location, and it is not working





            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 10:31

            As per documentation, SpringApplication converts any command line option arguments (that is, arguments starting with --, such as --server.port=9000) to a property and adds them to the Spring Environment.

            -D works when running via maven. Try: java -jar application.jar --spring.config.location=file:///C://your//path//config.yml.

            Via maven: mvn spring-boot:run -Dspring.config.location="file:///C://your//path//config.yml"

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67982831


            Exposing business classes from business library in Google Apps Script
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 10:30

            So, I am working on an MVVM-based core SDK for use any time I am developing some Google Apps Script based software, called OpenSourceSDK. It contain core business logic, including base classes to extend. For example, the file Models/BaseModel.gs in it is defined to be:



            Answered 2021-Jun-13 at 22:53

            I was able to get it resolved, but the solution is...hacky.

            So, apparently, Google Apps Script exports only what is in globalThis of a project: just the functions and variables. No classes, no constants, ...

            Probably has a lot to do with how ES6 works, with its globalThis behavior. One can see that in action, by creating a dummy function, a dummy variable, and a dummy class in their local developer console:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67954208


            Java RabbitMQ connection is already closed
            Asked 2021-Jun-15 at 10:14

            I need to push messages to external rabbitmq. My java configuration successfully declares queue to push, but every time I try to push, I have next exception:



            Answered 2021-Jun-15 at 07:19

            I'm struggling to understand how that code fits together, but this part strikes me as definitely wrong:

            Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67981368

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            No vulnerabilities reported

            Install factory

            You can download it from GitHub.


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