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kandi X-RAY | ardupilot Summary

kandi X-RAY | ardupilot Summary

ardupilot is a C++ library typically used in Automation, Robotics applications. ardupilot has no bugs, it has no vulnerabilities, it has a Strong Copyleft License and it has medium support. You can download it from GitHub.

ArduPilot is the most advanced, full-featured, and reliable open source autopilot software available. It has been under development since 2010 by a diverse team of professional engineers, computer scientists, and community contributors. Our autopilot software is capable of controlling almost any vehicle system imaginable, from conventional airplanes, quad planes, multi-rotors, and helicopters to rovers, boats, balance bots, and even submarines. It is continually being expanded to provide support for new emerging vehicle types.

            kandi-support Support

              ardupilot has a medium active ecosystem.
              It has 8498 star(s) with 14588 fork(s). There are 655 watchers for this library.
              There were 5 major release(s) in the last 12 months.
              There are 1375 open issues and 5111 have been closed. On average issues are closed in 251 days. There are 843 open pull requests and 0 closed requests.
              It has a neutral sentiment in the developer community.
              The latest version of ardupilot is ArduPlane-stable

            kandi-Quality Quality

              ardupilot has 0 bugs and 0 code smells.

            kandi-Security Security

              ardupilot has no vulnerabilities reported, and its dependent libraries have no vulnerabilities reported.
              ardupilot code analysis shows 0 unresolved vulnerabilities.
              There are 0 security hotspots that need review.

            kandi-License License

              ardupilot is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License. This license is Strong Copyleft.
              Strong Copyleft licenses enforce sharing, and you can use them when creating open source projects.

            kandi-Reuse Reuse

              ardupilot releases are available to install and integrate.

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            kandi's functional review helps you automatically verify the functionalities of the libraries and avoid rework.
            Currently covering the most popular Java, JavaScript and Python libraries. See a Sample of ardupilot
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            ardupilot Key Features

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            ardupilot Examples and Code Snippets

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            Community Discussions


            How to build a drone with ROS2 and (indoor) navigation function
            Asked 2021-Sep-01 at 12:01

            my name is chaos and I am learning how to control a drone with ROS2.

            My current goal is to master indoor drone navigation. I don't have any experience with this, so I found and tried The Construct's ROS Q&A series「2D Drone Navigation」. It's very helpful and I learned how to build a drone with ROS 1.
            2D Drone Navigation:

            But I am a ROS beginner and many people, including the official ROS2 Tutorials, recommend starting with ROS2.

            So here are my questions:

            1. How can I reproduce the functions which are introduced in 「2D Drone Navigation」with ROS2? Are there any backwards compatible ROS packages that will work in ROS2 ? For example, I couldn't find 「gmapping, amcl and move_base」packages or scripts in turtlebot3_navigation2 ROS2 branch. If there are best practices for this, please tell me.
            ROS1 turtlebot_navigation
            ROS2 turtlebot3_navigation2

            2. I am going to try 「[ROS Projects] - Performing LSD-SLAM with a ROS based Parrot AR.Drones」next. Like question 1, I would like to know whether there is a ROS2 version of these instructions.
            Performing LSD-SLAM with a ROS based Parrot AR.Drones

            3. My final goal is to realize something like the video below. Are there any ROS2 packages that could help make indoor navigation with a drone easier?
            drone indoor navigation with ROS

            Lastly, I have a question about choosing my drone's core.

            I am learning how to build my drone with ROS2 by watching micro-ros tutorials and using the macro MAV「Crazyflie」used in micro-ros's demo.
            demo link

            I plan to switch to PX4 in the future because PX4 supports ROS2 and communicates with ROS2 like 「Crazyflie」. (overview)

            It seems Ardupilot will support ROS2 in the future but still use MAVROS, which is called 「Not future proof」in the video below (DDS/ROS2 bridge vs MAVROS). Therefore, I think PX4 is the best choice for now. Please let me know if my conclusion is wrong.

            DDS/ROS2 bridge vs MAVROS 3:01 ~

            ROS2 MAVROS support for Ardupilot

            Thank you so much for all your help. I hope I haven't asked too many questions.



            Answered 2021-Aug-21 at 17:14

            Since your question is kind of broad, I'll just go down the list and answer each part.

            1. What you mean here are actually forwards compatible ROS nodes(ROS1 nodes that work with ROS2). While on the surface ROS1 and ROS2 are similar there are very distinct syntax differences; there's also substantial differences on the backend. ROS2 doesn't yet have the fully fleshed out community support that you've noticed with ROS1. However, there are still some similar packages such as the Nav2 package.
            2. Like my last answer you are going to find less in terms of "off the shelf" solutions for ROS2. That being said, the Nav2 package does do some SLAM. There is also the robot_devkit.
            3. One of the better local planners for ROS1 was teb. While they've said there are plans to port it to ROS2 they are waiting for Nav2 builds to be a little more stable. I know of the nav2_planner, however, I've never used it and cannot speak to how well it will work(if at all).

            I unfortunately cannot answer your last question since my ROS experience is strictly with autonomous vehciles that stay on the ground.



            How To Make A Hexacopter With Ardupilot In AirSim?
            Asked 2021-Jun-30 at 17:32

            I am using AirSim, and I need a hexacopter with Ardupilot based firmware. Documentation exists on how to do this with PX4, but not Ardupilot. How would I go about making this happen?



            Answered 2021-Jun-30 at 17:32

            Open your project in Visual Studio, navigate to Plugins/AirSim/AirLib/include/vehicles/multirotor/firmwares/arducopter/ArduCopterParams.hpp Find the setupParams() method, and replace setupFrameGenericQuad(params); with setupFrameGenericHex(params);

            And set your Ardupilot FRAME param to hexacopter (this can be done in QGroundControl)



            Cygwin terminal is only recognizing `pip3 install` rather than `pip2 install`
            Asked 2021-Jun-25 at 17:16

            I need to install the python future module to compile a code using ./waf command, and I'm doing this using the Cygwin 64 terminal. However, due to incompatibility issues I keep getting future module not found though it is already installed. I'm trying to re-install the module using pip2 install command, and the following error occurred:



            Answered 2021-Jun-25 at 17:16


            How does Mission Planner update Parameters List values?
            Asked 2021-Apr-15 at 18:27

            In Mission Planner, when you change any parameter in the parameter list, say RC limits or PID; after pressing 'write parameters' the software updates the parameters.

            I tried finding how does the same happen but to no avail (I don't know what it's called exactly). How does Mission Planner write parameters to already existing firmware on the APM board. Or it rewrites the firmware again with updated parameters?

            I want to implement similar kind of procedure. To test with, I have an arduino board running a code. Instead of uploading entire code again and again, there must be a way to just update the value of a variable using some protocol (Serial) sent from the custom software on the PC. Just like updating a parameter when required. How to do it ?




            Answered 2021-Apr-15 at 18:27

            The ATMEGA1280 used on the ArduPilotMega has a 4K EEPROM on-chip. Other MCUs used in Arduinos have EEPROM of varying capacity. The Arduino library includes support for it:

            An EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) is a non-volatile memory technology similar to Flash, but with properties that make it more suited to storage of small amounts of configuration data, such as being byte level re-writable. It is much less dense (takes up more space) than flash memory, so is less suited to code storage.



            How to fetch new subdirectories in git repository?
            Asked 2020-Sep-29 at 23:04

            The git repository ArduPilot has a new subdirectory in ardupilot/libraries/SITL/examples/, the new directory is JSON. When I cloned the repository, that directory didn't exist, and is not in my local copy. What command do I use to update the local repository to match the remote repository?

            Here's the local status



            Answered 2020-Sep-29 at 23:04

            I had to do "git fetch origin", not "git fetch" or "git pull".


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